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Breakfast at Your Place

Breakfast at Your Place

Hello everyone, I’m here today to talk with you about a band who likes to play some strings, and use some electronics. You may think I’m talking about Lindsey Stirling or Taylor Davis, but actually, we’re going to talk about the single of a band known as Breakfast at Your Place titled, Visions. Here is their bio, as provided by the band about the band and single.

Visions is a single by the Parisian baroque pop band Breakfast at Your Place. It tells the story of a disturbed girl who finds refuge in an enchanted world of dreams and hallucinations.

Visions was written by Breakfast at Your Place keyboardist Julien Barnu and Breakfast at Your Place cellist Natacha Colmez, who is also a member of the Paris National Orchestra.

The singer, Alexia Papineschi, is a French comedian and dubber that joined the group in 2017. She’s the French voice of Cinderella in the 2015 Disney film.

Breakfast at Your Place formed in 2013 in Paris. Its style borrows from classical music as well as pop and electronic music. The band consists of Julien Barnu (keyboard, vocals), Natacha Colmez (cello), Alexia Papineschi (vocals) and Alexandre Collard (horn, percussion).

So to start off, I believe we should talk about the music and the components of it. The idea of the song, as stated in the bio, depicts a girl who is disturbed but finds a refuge in some sort of magical place, so to speak. I think the formation of the verses and the choruses are pretty good. The verses could have been more empowered by the Cello possibly, but still, the execution got the story told. The chorus displayed the most power in the track, other than the Cello solo towards the end which was a delight to hear. One may also be able to tell that the vocalist as well as the band aren’t from here, and are actually from France, at least that’s what’s to be understood from their bio. So when you hear the vocals, the accent is there, but I think it works very well with the instrumental and is very fluid. So, to summarize how I’d look at the song musically, I’d say it is wonderful, but, more could have been exploited or explored. Breakfast at Your Place follows a path that Lindsey Stirling seems to take lead of, and does a splendid job in doing so. Now that the music is out of the way, time to move into the music video.

The music video is our next subject of talk, and I think it’s an interesting piece. I like the interpretative dancing/ballet that goes on within the video, however, I do think that there were some shots that could have been placed at different points during the video to really match it. However, time and growth as a band will surely help them refine and create even greater videos in the near future, even though this one is a great one in and of itself. I feel if they continue to make music like they have been since 2013, they will definitely get to that point. Overall, I enjoyed the music video, just think there were some things out of place that didn’t really mesh with the music. Not anything that should put a damper on the band or the art they’ve created through this music video by any means.

That’s that, we’ve taken a look at Breakfast at Your Place’s latest single Visions. If you want to check it out yourselves, I would recommend doing so, as well as checking them out on Spotify, Deezer, and iTunes. I’ll post a link to the music video below as well as the links to their music and such. I wish the best for the band and hope to continue to hear more content from them. Hopefully, in the form of an album.








Score: 7/10