REVIEW: Before Breathing – Born Into The Chaos


Artist: Before Breathing

Album: Born Into The Chaos

Rating: 8.5/10


Metalcore is a genre that holds a place in many metalhead’s hearts. Hearing the opening riff to “Holy Diver” back in the day still gives people the energy of a thousand bulls. Listening to the penetrating riffs from “The Fall of Ideals” still gets people talking about the genre’s growth. Metalcore has had different periods within its existence; from the originators being argued over, moving onto those who pursued the genre and gave it its strength, to contemporary artists interested in continuing the genre’s legacy. Many bands take on the genre and add twist and shifts to it, such as August Burns Red or the new wave of progressive metalcore bands adding onto the original genre. With a band like Before Breathing, they take the root of what metalcore is all about and run with it. Hailing from Chile, Before Breathing exemplify the core aspects of what metalcore is meant to be: lyrical themes of heartbreak and tragedy, bouncy face-punching riffs, and nasty vocals.


Before Breathing’s short EP, Born Into The Chaos, has aspects of many old metalcore bands. From the ashes rise the typical riffs that jump from string to string. The staple of most metalcore albums tend to be the vocals; the singer boasts screams about past relationships, betrayal from brothers, and ultimate dissatisfaction with life. With the simplification of songs, the album has much to offer for those looking for an older sound. Songs like “Oceans of Hate” and “Burn this Nation” maintain the old vibes of metalcore badassery while screaming about governmental issues and the everlasting doom within the world. The introduction to the EP offers a slight insight as to what to expect of the album, yet does not prepare listeners for some of the tastiest breakdowns metalcore has to offer.


Overall, Before Breathing have a lot of charm with their debut EP release. Their newer singles show more creativity and veer toward a more generalized, original sound, but Born Into the Chaos has hefty riffs and punchy double-bass patterns that could easily blow out my car speakers. For fans of Metalcore that want to hear the old metalcore themes of the day in a contemporary context, look no further than Before Breathing; insightful, fun, and overall a quick listen that you won’t mind having on repeat for a drive.


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