Review: Breathing Theory – Uprise (Part 1)

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Artist: Breathing Theory
Album: Uprise (Part 1)
Rating: 4/5

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I love discovering new bands. Whether it be a video that intrigues me, an introduction through mutual friends or a simple Facebook page invite… I’m always down for new music. When I first heard Breathing Theory, thanks to Amanda Connors (Remember to Breathe Productions) I was absolutely floored that I’d missed them! These FL locals have been alive and kicking for nearly a decade and I, sadly, hadn’t heard even a whisper about them. Drive, passion, intensity and hunger are all words that can be used to describe this band. Boasting a fresh, infectious sound that’s somewhere between modern metal and hard rock and lyrics that capture your heart, as well as your ears.. it’s insane to believe that they’ve just been signed (Industrialust). Their newest EP, Uprise: Part 1 will be released on July 20th and serves up the first half of their newest, conceptual full-length, Uprise which will be released later this year.

A siren sounds as we’re led into the title track, as a voice rings out with a warning. This warning, followed by a vocal glitch signals the beginning of a revolution. A revolution between man and machine. We can no longer sit back and let them dictate our lives, where we go, what we do… it’s time to rise up and strike back! The striking vocal harmonies between lead vocalist, Cory Britt and vocalist/guitarist Collin Morrisson are quite entrancing throughout the track. I hear a lot of Breaking Benjamin influence here. Overall, it serves as a ferocious introduction into the post-apocalyptic world we’re about to be led into.

Kegan King pounds us into submission as we’re led into “Illuminate,” which shows a bit more of the commercial, mainstream side of the band. We’re treated to more melody than aggression in the vocal portions of this track but the musical portion is still explosive, heavy and in your face. I could definitely see this being a new single for the band, as it has a massive radio potential, even despite the few screamed portions you’ll hear.

The next track is “The Reckoning,” which you can view the video for below. This track was chosen as the band’s newest single and really gives you an idea of what this band can do on the aggressive front. Relentless until the end, there’s nothing kinetic about the energy this one brings to the table. With such a short length, just under the 3-minute mark.. it’s hard to capture your attention the way that this one does. Definitely one of my favorites from the EP.

The onslaught doesn’t stop as “The Darkness” takes hold. This track definitely has influences from bands such as Static-X, Flaw, again Breaking Benjamin (especially in the main riff throughout) and even a little hint of Tool in the arrangement. While this track features a bit more melody than it’s predecessor, it still pummels you relentlessly. This track focuses on an extremely unhealthy relationship, “Just one last kiss to say goodbye, I’m letting go of you this time! So now the beauty’s left to die, inside your cold black eyes!” Britt cries out in the bridge as we’re led into a blazing guitar¬†solo.

The final track “Dear Sparrow” takes us down into a heartfelt, acoustic journey. We’re treated to Britt’s angelic vocals one last time as we’re told a tale of a lost loved one. “So spread your wings and fly, remember me when you touch the sky. I’ll always be wherever you will go, so fly away Dear Sparrow.” You can tell from the slight cracks in Britt’s voice that this track has a very deep meaning to him. What I can’t tell, though, is if the loss was a death or just a burning of a bridge. The build-up to the end section is monumental, though… the full band comes in and it’s as if “Dear Sparrow” is taking you with it. This is, by far, one of the most emotional tracks I’ve ever heard… it definitely shows a darker side.

After my initial listen of Uprise (Part 1) I was begging for more. It’s clear from the start that this band knows exactly what they’re doing. I’ve always said that concept albums are my favorite to write reviews on and that still rings true. Though I’m not 100% sure of the full concept yet, I plan to give a deeper listen once we get Uprise (Part 2) later this year! One thing’s for sure, though, you do not want to sleep on this release! So do yourselves a favor, go pre-order your copy at Breathing Theory’s official website, check out a taste in the form of the official video for “The Reckoning” below, as well as a teaser for each song on the EP and get ready for Uprise to have you getting your war paint out!

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“The Reckoning” (Official Music Video)

Uprise (Part 1) Official Teaser Video

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