Review: Brompton – The Endeavor (NEW TRANSCENDENCE EXCLUSIVE!!!!)



Artist: Brompton
Album: The Endeavor
Rating: 5/5

1. Just Once
2. Full Circle
3. Behind the Mask
4. Away
5. Relapse

Why is it that the best bands seem to go unnoticed? When I first heard Brompton, I immediately knew this was a band I would be following from then on. My first exposure to this band was the song “Full Circle” which, at the time, was just a demo. Later that night, I got the chance to see them live and let me be the first to tell you… they are AMAZING live. They pack so much energy into so little time and you will not go home unsatisfied by their performance! Not to mention that there are only 3 members to this band. Jeremy Burke is lead guitar and vocals, Jeremy Molinas is bass, and Brian Moore is on the skins. That night, I told them that I was interested in reviewing the EP. Here’s the cool thing, they NEVER forgot and kept in touch all the way up to now! I’ve listened to The Endeavor, several times since I received it and I can’t find a single thing wrong with it. It’s a solid, rock album that delivers all the way around! From the lyrics to the instrumentals and, of course, the vocals there’s absolutely nothing that doesn’t scream incredible about this album. So without further ado, I’m going to delve deeper and give you my review of Brompton’s debut EP, The Endeavor!

Key Tracks:

Full Circle: I had the chance to listen to 3 versions of this track: The demo, the unfinished mix, and the final copy. I loved the other 2 but the final copy just blended it altogether so perfectly and that is why this is one of my favorite tracks. Jeremy’s vocals are a bit higher in this one, showcasing more of his range which is diverse. If you’ve listened to the EP, you’ll know that the opening track gets a bit lower than the rest. “It’ll all come full circle soon, I swear to you I’ll make this worth it.” Seems to me that this track is about a struggle being resolved.

Away: This song from the beginning seems to be about hypocrisy. “A narcissistic man stood preaching here today, he spoke of fire and brimstone and they price that we’ll all pay.” This track seems to be about a religious zealot preaching about something but doing the other. “You’re quite a touch of sinner and not so much a saint” says to me that there is a darker side of this person that has been revealed. This was the first track to be released from the album and still is one of my favorites.

Relapse: This track, from the title, seems to be about some kind of struggle with addiction. Anyone who has had any type of addiction knows that it’s easy to want to relapse and go back to it. The lyrics point out the things going through his mind as he struggles. But no matter how hard it is for him, he always seems to prevail. This track has one of the most killer solos in the EP and is definitely a great go-to track for a first listen.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Brompton delivers to me in a way that not even the biggest of rock bands seem to do nowadays. The Endeavor is honest, truly empowering, and proves that this band is not in it for the money. They do everything they do for the fans and for the love of music. This is honestly one of the best rock albums I’ve heard this year, so far. I can’t wait to get a physical copy and listen to it the way it was meant to be heard! Go pick up your copy of The Endeavor when it’s available and see why this band is quickly becoming one of my favorites!