Review: The Bronx – The Bronx (IV)


Artist: The Bronx
Album: The Bronx (IV)
Rating: 5/5



1. The Unholy Hand
2. Along for the Ride
3. Style Over Everything
4. Youth Wasted
5. Too Many Devils
6. Pilot Light
7. Torches
8. Under the Rabbit
9. Ribcage
10. Valley Heat
11. Life Less Ordinary
12. Last Revelation

Have you ever listened to an album and thought to yourself “wow, this album is a lot better than I expected!” The Bronx’s fourth full-length album, simply titled “IV” is one of those albums. When I saw the teaser video for it, I kind of blew it off. When Austin sent me the album for consideration, I ate my words. This album is quite possibly one of the best the rock genre has produced in quite awhile! Reminiscent of bands like Buckcherry and Jet, this release packs a powerful punch! Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, home to some of the biggest rock and metal bands out there, they have a lot to live up to! When you hear the first strums of Joby and Ken’s guitars, you immediately feel like you want to move out of your seat. This, coupled with Matt’s incredible vocals, lets you know you’re in for one hell of a ride! Without further ado, here’s my review of “IV

Key Tracks

The Unholy Hand: The opening track to the album and one of my favorite’s lyrically. “Are you the Antichrist or the holy ghost? Do you wanna die or just go real close?” Matt’s unforgettable vocal skills and Joby and Ken’s face-melting guitar solos will leave you speechless from beginning to end.

Youth Wasted: The album’s first single and it’s not hard to see why. Just listen to it for yourself and you will see why this album has found it’s place among some of my favorite rock songs.

Too Many Devils: “Everybody’s got their devils, but I’m on another level!” Great lyrics, and this is the first track in the album where you will hear Matt’s singing voice which is hauntingly good in itself! I found myself putting this song on repeat quite a few times!

Final Thoughts:

As far as the rock genre goes, it’s no secret that it’s slowly falling apart. The Bronx, however, are not one of the bands contributing to it. Between their mariachi antics, their theme song recordings (Aqua Something You Know Whatever theme song) and their incredibly busy tour schedule, they’ve managed to put together an album that not only breaks the boundaries of ordinary, but completely leaves all notions you may have had about them in the dust! Go pick up your copy of The Bronx’s “IV” when it comes out on February 5th and see for yourself why this band has cemented itself in history!