Review: Bruce Bouillet – The Order of Control


Artist: Bruce Bouillet
Album: The Order of Control
Rating: 10/10

If you’re a guitar aficionado, especially if you’re proficient in the neoclassical genre, Bruce Bouillet’s name should stick out like a sore thumb. His incredibly diverse guitar skills served 3 Racer X albums before the band went on a 10 year hiatus and he formed The Scream. The Scream went on to record 2 albums, only the first of which was ever released before they split in 1993. His next band, DC-10, released one album before calling it quits as well. It seemed as though things were just not meant to line back out for his music career, until 2002, when he formed the band Epidemic, releasing one album with them. The band also opened for national acts such as Seether, Default, Jerry Cantrell and more! However, it wasn’t until his solo career really kicked off in 2007 that the puzzle pieces finally fit back together. His newest album, “The Order of Control” is a record for the ages!

When I say that this man’s diversity in his guitar skills knows no bounds, picture this. The album opens up with a pretty heavy headbanging metal track “Blind As We Watched”, followed by something a little closer to the hard rock genre with “Deafening”. Then, a little further into the album our ears are met with a more jazz-influenced track, “Giving Up the Ghost”, truly a soothing listening experience, but it doesn’t stop there. After a slight interlude, we’re met with  “Defiant” which will please both progressive rock fans and death metal fans alike. The title track, “The Order of Control” takes you by the hand and pulls you through a melodious journey, which you’d have to hear to believe. If you close your eyes and truly take in this album for everything it is, you will see it’s much more than just an album. It’s an indulgence of the senses, the ride of a lifetime and truly proves that Bruce is still at the top of his game!

If you’ve never heard of Bruce Bouillet, “The Order of Control” is a great place to start, mixing everything we’ve grown to love him for with a few new elements and sprinkling it with the unique sound that only he can create with his mighty ax. Pick up “The Order of Control” now and get ready to be taken on a sonic ride you won’t soon forget!

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