REVIEW: Bullet For My Valentine “Venom”


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A snake’s venom is a vicious thing. Slow building but heavily powerful, it’s one of the most potent killers in the world today. So, it’s fitting that Bullet For My Valentine would name their fifth album after such a hard hitting force of nature. “Venom” marks a return to form for the band, and is a definite improvement over the oft-panned “Temper Temper” that divided fans and brought some heavy criticism upon the band from long time fans.

“Venom” takes the best of old and new BMFV’s signature sound and seamlessly fuses it for mostly positive results. The instrumental work is some of the best work of their career and is a power trip from start to finish. Scathing guitar riffs and machine gun drum blasts effortlessly combine on every track alongside Tuck’s commanding and potent vocals to create a glorious metalcore sound that infuses thrash elements with the metalcore sound the band has worked so hard to perfect. Matt has learned to combine his ear-splitting screams with his soothing but emphatic cleans efficiently and smoothly. The best example of the instrumental work intertwining handily with the vocal work is on “The Harder the Heart (The Harder It Breaks)”. The emotional song of someone finally standing up for themselves in a failing relationship is easily the best track on the entire album and a can’t miss track that is sure to be a fan favorite at their shows.

Unsparingly heavy and surprisingly emotional at times, the whole album is an ardent and fervent return to form for the band that hasn’t been seen since “Fever”. It’s not going to win over any elitists, but fans both old and new will find plenty to love on this release. You can stream the album below, and be sure to pick up your copy today!