Review: Butcher Babies – Goliath


Artist: Butcher Babies
Album: Goliath
Rating: 10/10

Imagine this ungodly combination: Otep’s spoken vocals and a mix between Maria Brink of In This Moment and Alexis Brown of Straight Line Stitch’s incredibly memorable screams. Crazy right? Well, that’s exactly the sound you get when you subject your ears to the devastating music that Butcher Babies creates. Their debut album “Goliath” is a relentless, full-force storm from start to finish. With track titles like “I Smell A Massacre”, “Grim Sleeper” and “Axe Wound” the music is sure to be brutal, correct? Well, this assumption would be MOSTLY right, but the band manages to add an element of melody the likes of which you’d never expect in this type of music. The breakdowns are heavy, the solos are face-melting and the screams created by vocalists Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey are absolutely ungodly, but in the greatest of ways. Bands with female leads always have different ways of expressing their power, Heidi and Carla embrace their provocative sides in a way that just can’t be touched. You can catch a glimpse of this in their video for “Mr. Slowdeath”, which is as gruesome as the title suggests. The look depicted in this video is what the girls have been known to wear in nearly every show they’ve performed, proving that they aren’t afraid of their sexuality. But that’s not all this band is about. This band is about stepping as far out of the box as their minds will allow and showing that they embrace being different! Every track on the album has a perfect spot and, if done any differently, I don’t think this album would have turned out as great as it did. I wish I had some lyrical content to go on, because I’d really love to be able to decipher a meaning behind some of the tracks. But nonetheless, go pick up your copy of “Goliath” on July 9th through Century Media and discover the wild side of metal!
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