Review: Candlelight Red – Reclamation


Artist: Candlelight Red
Album: Reclamation
Rating: 10/10

It’s 2011, rock is starting to gain it’s leverage again and Candlelight Red has burst onto the scene with their debut album “The Wreckage” which makes blends aggression, melody, and just enough of a catchy flavor to keep it different and turns it into a molotov cocktail aimed directly at our ears! My first exposure to this band was when they were on tour with TRAPT and The Dreaming. Initially, I didn’t know what to expect but they quickly put all doubts to rest as they played what I still remember as one of the most mind-blowing and mesmerizing sets I’ve ever been witness to! Not to mention that when I bought the album at the show, they were some of the most down-to-earth guys I’d ever met. Fast forward 2 years to today and the band has released “Reclamation” their sophomore album and has come back better than ever! If you’re familiar with the band, you’ll know that they released an EP called “Demons” which contained a few new tracks. This was simply to whet the appetite of the fans while they finished yet another masterpiece! “Reclamation” contains every track from that EP as well as 7 more new ones that will get asses shaking, heads banging and fans screaming their lungs out at shows! With the release of the debut single from the album “Feel the Same” which is more of a rock ballad than you would expect from the band, you would never have believed how heavy this band can get. Coming out of the gate with “Reflecting” which starts off with vocalist Ryan Hoke calmly singing and then explodes into something so much heavier that, if you have your stereo cranked to 11 as I did, would make you jump out of your skin! As we go further into the album, we start to see a little bit of exploration from the group. Take “Like A Disease” for example, we see a vocal range that’s a little lower than what you’re previously used to and even almost a bit of a pop-like feel to the track. Then you have tracks like “Lifeless” and “Sleeping Awake” which are slow, subtle and beautiful. They are also lyrically powerful and emotionally empowering! This album has a little bit of something for everyone and, if you choose to miss out on it, you’re gonna regret it because this is simply the best album this band has released thus far in their career! Don’t believe me? Check out the stream at the link below, give the band a “like” on Facebook and go pre-order your copy of “Reclamation” out now on Imagen Records! Keep your eye on this band because they are only just beginning!

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