Review: All In – Capsized (Single)

Artist: All In
Album: Capsized – Single (from the upcoming debut EP, Lost)
Rating: 4/5

Living in the present is a difficult thing at times, especially if you’re constantly looking back to the past. It took the person we were to become the person we are today, though. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone does things they aren’t proud of and we all learn from those experiences. This concept is exactly what Poplarville, MS’ All In are tackling with their newest single, “Capsized”. A mid-tempo track with an incredibly beautiful message. When you’re creating music in the Melodic Hardcore genre, this is a common theme… so you think it’d all feel the same after awhile, right? Well, that’s where All In breaks the mold. Beautiful, melodic guitars center around powerful lyrics and angst-ridden vocals. Vocalist Jared Daws starts off the track by crying out “My whole life consists of knowing that I’m consistently inconsistent!”, lyrics that will adhere themselves to your mind and keep you clinging to everything that this song has to offer. The band is clearly influenced by established groups in the genre such as Hundredth and Counterparts but they keep a sound of their own. This track is one of many out there that is set out to give hope to the otherwise hopeless.

You must make poor choices, tear yourself down and hit rock bottom before you realize that it’s all part of a bigger picture. Everything we do has a purpose, good or bad. Those who choose to make a stand in this world have been through life’s ringer more than a handful of times and KNOW that life is far from easy. This track is designed to let the public know that. If life were easy, it wouldn’t be worth living.. in fact, I don’t even believe it would be called “living” life because you’d really have everything handed to you. If you want to succeed in this world, you have to work harder than you’ve ever done before… and, even then, you may still not succeed but that’s okay.

As All In gets ready to release their debut EP, Lost, they have begun to mold a sound of their own. It’s clear the reason that this band is here and it’s not to achieve fame, it’s to give hope through music. Check out the lyric video for the single below and drop them a “like” on Facebook! New Transcendence will most certainly be behind this ambitious group of young musicians!

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“Capsized” (Official Lyric Video)


All In is:
Vocals: Jared Daws 
Guitar: Grayson Amacker 
Guitar: Steve Jordan 
Bass: Seth Colson
Drums: Dylan Lee