REVIEW: Capture The Crown “Reign Of Terror”


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After being dropped from Sumerian Records in late 2013, Capture The Crown was in a tough spot. But that didn’t stop them. With an EP still waiting to be released, CTC pushed forward and used crowd-funding in order to fund the release of their Live Life EP earlier this year. Shortly after the release of the EP and the finish of The New Kings Tour, the band announced that they were signed by Artery Recordings and we’re hard at work on their highly anticipated second full-length. Now it’s four months later and the band is ready to release the follow-up to ‘Til Death, Reign of Terror. After listening to the critics consistently call them Asking Alexandria 2.0, the band has come up with a much different beast than their first two releases. Reign of Terror shows off the band truly stepping into their own sound.

The instrumental work is nothing revolutionary or unique, but it still carves out a niche of it’s own. On my first listen, it didn’t really click with me at first. I had to jam the album a couple more times in order to truly appreciate the sounds. It’s not bad, but I still feel like it could use some improvement. But even with that being said, I can’t help but rock out to this album. It’s a great mix metalcore/rock. Vocally, it’s definitely changed. Jeffrey has a great range in his voice, but his screams are a little more limited this time around than on ‘Til Death. Instead of the piercing highs and mid-range growls, there are more cleans and the screams are focused on the growls this time around rather than an even mix. Around the 2:40 mark on the track “Make War, Not Love”, guest vocalist Alex Koehler makes an appearance and honestly kills it. His part is short, but his screeching highs perfectly compliment Jeffrey’s lows. The one track that ends up standing out is the acoustic track “Janina” at the end of the album. It’s not a remake of any previous track, from the ground up it was built for acoustic play. Emotional and heart-wrenching, I fell in love with this track instantly. It is sure to be a fan favorite if performed live.

Reign of Terror is a mixed bag at first, but if you truly sit down and take the time to really listen to each song, this is great release from a band that is really changing their whole sound this time around. Although it’s nothing really mind-blowing or game-changing, this is not a bad record. It leaves room for improvement and Capture The Crown has really made a mark with their Artery debut. I can’t wait to see how they improve in the future.