REVIEW: Carnifex “Die Without Hope”

Carnifex - Die Without Hope - Artwork

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Hope. It’s something you can’t live without. It pushes the human spirit to carry on because we hope for a brighter future. But imagine this: Despair fills your heart, fear corrupts your mind, an arctic cold consumes your body, and you are dying a slow, painful death. There’s no chance for survival, no salvation for your departing soul. Then you cease to exist. This how it feels to die. This is how we will all die. We will all die without hope.

That is the feeling the new Carnifex album gives you. Built purely with anger and evil intentions, “Die Without Hope” is brutal and violent. Carnifex is one of the top names in the deathcore genre pool, and for good reason too. They’ve always brought the heavy with every release. When you play this record, prepare to lose all awareness of the outside world. Your ears will be pierced with the sounds of destruction. Your soul will be ripped from your body. All sense of positive emotions will die on the spot. This is despair and desolation personified.

The instrumentals are savage and barbaric. Merciless with every single note, I found myself losing all sense of humanity more and more with each track. By the time I hit “Where The Light Dies” I was ready to rip apart the world with no remorse. The drum work is fast and ferocious, and every blast beat is like an AK-47 going off in your head. The guitar work is phenomenal, shredding away every layer of your ears to give you the rawest sound possible in your brain. Every bass line is subtle but crucial, giving each track a steady vibe to hold it all together. When the bass comes out in full force (“Hatred and Slaughter” being a prime example) it’s a trance-inducing sound that pulls you in deeper and deeper.

Vocally, it’s hard to word this correctly, but it’s what you would expect from a deathcore record yet also completely unique. It’s the low growls and high screams you want to hear in a deathcore album, but Scott has a way to bring it to a level that is nearly unheard of. His voice is like the hand of Lucifer, each word tightening it’s grip around your legs. Each chorus dragging you deeper and deeper into the putrid bowels of hell. Every complete track searing your flesh with a vicious blast of hell fire. Simply put, Scott has achieved a whole new level on “Die Without Hope” vocally.

Bloodthirsty, cold-blooded, ruthless, and heartless. Sadistic, wicked, and remorselessly monstrous. “Die Without Hope” is one of the best deathcore albums you will ever listen to. A round-trip ticket into the deepest depths of Hell that showcases some of the most punishing tracks you’ll ever experience. Make sure you do NOT miss this one, pick it up when it drops on March 4th.