REVIEW: Take Charge! – The Eradication of Revelation [2013]


Band: Take Charge!

Album: The Eradication of Revelation


With Halloween just around the corner, now would be the perfect time to increase your metal library with some horrifying tunes to scare the unholy shit out of your surrounding neighborhood. Checking out the freshly released EP The Eradication of Revelation by the beastly band Take Charge! would be a good place to start, in fact; it’s the only logical choice to make. Listening to this EP will make you feel dirty and violated, no amount of showering is enough to cleanse you from the ungodly evil blasting through your speakers, not even if you decide to run naked through a car wash, the truly scary thing about this all is that you will love every punishing second of it.

While the EP barely reaches the 15 minute mark, I was amazed at the amount of different influences packed in this small bundle of filth, the amount of replayability was just…unexpectedly good. When you hear the maniacal outro track Kill you will feel compelled to press the replay button (whether you like it or not) again and again, an endless cycle will soon take over your regular planned listening sessions to the point that you will get a rusty chainsaw and start killing motherfuckers in an uncontrollable rage. Not surprising if you look at the clever mixture of genres that compliment all different styles used by Take Charge!, elements from (technical) death metal, hardcore, deathcore and some hints of grindcore are all designed to make your life a living hell.

Though I only know the lyrics for the song Pillager, I imagine the other tracks on The Eradication of Revelation contain the same nasty lyrical content. Lyrics which (of course) are beastingly enhanced by the vocalist’s low gutterals and high screaming. Whether it’s the classic death metal riffing that can be heard alongside hardcore shouts on The Shepherd of Sodomy or the insanely heavy slams on Unparalleled Sin; each song gets doused in a thick black layer due to the raw production, giving it that underground sound that should please any fans of the genre.

Lastly, another appealing aspect of The Eradication of Revelation is the price and what you get for it in return, something I always keep an eye out for. The whole EP can be yours for just one dollar! No strings attached, just one dollar, best bargain you will ever have I’d say.  The addictive slams crawl from your ears and into your brain, taking control of  your free will and reducing you to a mindless zombie, while the malevolent lyrics/vocals will make the dead rise from their graves and the living cower in the open holes. Take Charge! is already working on some new material that hopefully is just as nasty as this 15 minute slaughterfest, if not more. In the meantime, The Eradication of Revelation will hold you over as being one of the dirtiest EP’s of 2013.

Rating: 9.4/10

For fans of: Legion, Martyr Defiled, Carnifex, Corcid