Review: Chasing Safety – Season of the Dead

Artist: Chasing Safety
Album: Season of the Dead
Label: Outerloop Records

If there’s been one band I’ve been consistently impressed by, proud of and was incredibly happy to see in their reincarnated form, that band is Chasing Safety. Featuring former members of Us, From Outside, this band is everything that a modern metalcore band should be. They’re catchy, they’re destructive, they’re heartfelt and… best of all, they have a deep love for their fans. If you’ll recall, the band released their debut EP The Machine this past January… now, just 9 months later, they’ve found themselves signed to Outerloop Records (a subsidiary of Fearless Records/Outerloop Management) and have released one of the most stellar debut full-lengths I’ve heard in a long time, Season of the Dead. If you’ve heard The Machine and thought these guys knew what they were doing… that was only a precursor, a warm-up, if you will.

The album opens with “Common Enemies”, an excellent choice for a first single. It’s not the heaviest, not the lightest and certainly not the best track on the album… but it gives you a chance to experience what’s coming. The songwriting ability and musicianship really shows on songs like “Shadowed By A Storm”, “Name Dropper” and “We Believe” (re-recorded from the EP). The use of electronics and effects throughout the album is incredibly interesting, as well. These aren’t too overused, too overbearing or annoying and are extremely well-placed. There’s always a hidden gem on albums like this that doesn’t get the attention it deserves for Season of the Dead, this is most certainly “Through Winters”, which has remained one of my favorite tracks from first listen. I think the reason I might love this track so much, besides the fact that it’s incredibly beautiful, is the axework put forth by Steve Novoa and Derek Williams. The solos in this track, and indeed the rest of the album, are truly worthy of their own category. The album wraps up perfectly with the title track, “Season of the Dead” which is again, incredibly riff-driven and displays a perfect element of cohesiveness within the band, especially with vocalists Johnny Galivan and Kenny Davis.

Chasing Safety is quickly becoming one of my favorite new metalcore acts and it’s not hard to see why! Maybe it was their amazing, yet unexpected, cover of MCR’s “Helena” on their debut EP. Maybe it’s the fact that they know how to balance effects and talent. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re incredibly responsive to their fanbase. Whatever it is, I’ve been hooked from the start! Be sure to pick up your copy of Season of the Dead, out now on Outerloop Records!

“Far Away” (Official Music Video)

“Common Enemies” (Official Lyric Video)

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