Review – Chrysalis – Reminder


Artist: Chrysalis

Album: Reminder

Rating: 9/10


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started listening to the album “Reminder” by Chrysalis, but I was only two songs in when I was sold. The band seems influenced by a few bands I’ve enjoyed alot including the Deftones and a little bit of Bullet For My Valentine. I definitely heard some influence in this album from them. The Barstow, CA based band self released their first full length album, “Chrysalis” while still in high school – it became’s top selling CD in its genre and landed them a spot on the Vans Warped Tour.


The first song to stand out to me was “Borrowing Distance” I was instantly taken back to some screaming music I listened to in high school. What a trip this song took me on with the vocals took me to a new level. The background melodies give it a sinister sound. Once again intensity is at an all time high in this track.


One of the softer songs in this album is “Angel” and softer is used lightly cause there are still some octane behind this track. The track is a bit on the ballad side but still keeps the bands natural intensity. Definitely a track to peek a listen to. It was a great addition to the album.


A haunting delivery with the track “Up The Stairs” this track literally sends a chill up my spine. The vocals in this song are just plan creepy. The belting of “Ah Ah Ah” and “Oh Oh Ohs” really colds me out. The female background vocalist in this track brings a great icy feel to the whole song. Then the breakdown really brings it home with the heavy drum in the fade as he whispers out.


“Atlas” is probably my favorite track on the whole album. It seems and sounds to me like a single release. The track has epic, and I mean epic vocals. “Bury the hole in my heart, we’ll take it all the way, to carry the weight of the world and in my arms I just can’t take anymore.” And crying out “Oh My God! What have you done!” The track definitely leaves you with a shudder as it fades out.


“My Eternity” is a hard hitting track full of some on point guitarist skills in break down and rhythm. It is the first track to be released as a single. The song has a dark side by pointing to the fact of coming back from the dead to get revenge. The lyrics really “Don’t be afraid, I’m not coming for you. Your not the business I can back to do.” This was pretty epic in delivery and background vocals of Brigitte Roka┬áreally added something to the song. The track has awesome vocals and fade out.


Overall, this album is a bit dark and solemn with mentions of spirits and the afterlife and even some ghostly revenge. Chrysalis keeps the intensity throughout the whole album and really delivers with sound and production value. Hard hitting lyrics and and all around on point vocals make this an album to hear. Check out this album. Dropping on the shelves January 13th!


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Chrysalis is

Yessi Burton – Vocals / Guitar / Keys
Chris Norris – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Gabe Gallego – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Jared Sturgis – Bass
Billy Norris – Drums