Review: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – Get Lost, Find Yourself

Artist: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Album: Get Lost, Find Yourself
Rating: 8/10

Paris’ Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! is a band that is quickly gaining foot in the US. They hit the ground running with their debut album, Something For Nothing which was originally released in 2010 through InVogue Records and re-issued in July 2011 with their signing to Fearless Records. When they began, you couldn’t pinpoint what genre they were going for. Falling in between the cusp of electronicore/easycore and pop-punk… it was an odd mix but few bands could do it the way they could. Now, with their 3rd album Get Lost, Find Yourself getting released this coming Tuesday, they’ve all but solidified themselves as a force in pop-punk. Maturity, growth and progression are definitely themes you’ll hear throughout the album as these 10 tracks ring through your speakers. There was a bit of skepticism on what direction they were headed with the lead single, “Playing Dead” but… as I’ve learned in the past, you never want to judge an album by the singles that spawn from it.

The biggest difference I noticed, from the get-go, was the maturity in vocalist Bert Poncet’s voice! In the beginning and through about half of Pardon My French you could hear some shakiness in his voice as he sung his vocal parts…. making it a bit hard to listen to at times. On this album, you hear far less of that and it makes for a much more engaging listening experience. There’s something about listening to “Playing Dead” at the beginning of the album itself, rather than just the single, that turns it into a different story. The track itself is about finding yourself through failure, taking chances and realizing that change can be a great thing! It’s a direct attestation to what this album is about… it’s about steadily watching yourself climb as those around you continue making the same mistakes, causing themselves to stay behind in the dust. It’s a great introductory track and, while I wasn’t really fond of it as a first single… it definitely gets the point of the album across. Check out the lyric video for that track below.

One of my favorite tracks, lyrically and musically, is “The Other Line” which happened to be the 2nd single. It’s got an anthem-like feel to it and really gets your blood pumping. What is the central theme of this track, though? It’s about realizing when a relationship has gone bad, through fights, differences and sharp tongue. “Now tell me the truth, don’t make me wait too long. You have to prove that I shouldn’t move on!” It’s about that fight within yourself, knowing how much you love the person… but knowing that this could be the it. You want to believe that this person can change, that they will prove that things will be different if you give them another chance. However, these things never change and you know you’ll have to walk away in the end. This track really feels like an arena anthem… I picture myself in a sea of people as the band is up on stage and Bert holds the mic out for us all to sing, causing us to explode in song with emotion. It’s surely going to be a crowdpleaser!

Let’s take it down a notch with “What Goes Around”, an uplifting anthem for the world-over. We all know what karma is: the idea that what goes around, comes back around. Not all believe in this idea but I, myself, have seen it in action many more times than I care to admit. I’ve been on both ends, the good and the bad. Karma can be the best thing in the world or the demon in the shadows waiting to steal your life away. This track is about making your time on this earth count, keeping a positive outlook on things and learning from your mistakes.  While the track is upbeat in nature, it has a melancholy undertone, reflected by the guitar melodies… which resonate within you as this track pumps through your speakers.

“Worst Case Scenario” opens with an acoustic-led intro, accompanied by some catchy whistling. First, I’d like to say that if they don’t play this on their new tour… I’d be 100% shocked. This track is the ultimate “our music is here to help you through” type of track and, while that idea seems (to many) to be played out… CNCC executes it perfectly. “Worst case scenario, turn up your stereo! What you hear is what you get from me! Worst case scenario, you’ve gotta let it go! If what you hear, if what you get is real.. sing it back to me!” I’m sure I”m not the only one who clings to a song so hard that, when I hear it, I find myself cranking the dial up and singing along as loud as I can…. especially a track that has an emotional connection with me. Bert is telling the listeners that, if you find yourself down on your luck… turn on your favorite CNCC track and sing along, forgetting all about the world… losing yourself in the moment.

The final track is the title track, “Get Lost, Find Yourself.” I feel like this could be the new “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life”… it’s that powerful! It’s about reflecting on your life, realizing that everything you’ve done has been to get to where you are now. It’s about realizing that, yes, we all make mistakes but in the end… it’s all for a bigger purpose. “I lost my way but I found myself in the sound of open lands. I guess I belong somewhere else than where the ground cracks where I stand!” Sometimes, all it takes is a sign… something to let you know that you’re headed in the wrong direction and gives you a reason to strive for your purpose.

I have to say that CNCC really pulled out all the stops on this album. Is it a perfect album? No, there are always going to be mistakes… but it’s definitely as close as they’ve gotten in their short career thus far. I feel as though they’re headed in the right direction with the pop-punk sound, emotional and angst-driven like never before. You can tell that Poncet really poured his heart out on this album, whether through his own personal experience or the experiences of others. I can only hope they stay on this bright and shining path that they’re on. Do yourself a favor, buy this album… drop all your cares in the world and, please, Get Lost, Find Yourself. The album is streaming now, available for pre-order and will be released through Fearless Records on May 19th!

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