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REVIEW: Circle of Reason – Questions (Single)

Circle of Reason - Questions

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Hailing from Southampton (UK), Circle of Reason debuts their new single, “Questions,” which will be featured on their upcoming EP, “Faith or Theory,” to be released on 05/27/2016 via Freefall Records. Circle of Reason have been featured by the likes of Kerrang!, Upset, Rock Sound, and Scuzz among many others, making us at New Transcendence proud to feature this hard-hitting new video from this 4-piece rock act.

At first listen, I was taken aback; not quite sure what to think. “Questions” is certainly different from the norm and not of the ‘cookie-cutter’ variety. Though, simultaneously, the track has that familiar feel for those fans of today’s active rock and progressive metal scene. To say the very least, it did not take long at all to grow on me. Sitting down with the track and paying attention to all the beautiful nuances between the vocal and musical changes, was simply refreshing. A track like “Questions” teaches us that we can breathe some new life into the world of ‘active-rock’ with the way a band like Circle of Reason chooses to construct and vocalize their material.

Oddly enough, the lyrical content of “Questions” speaks to my point perfectly. It is simply about the realization that you can not please every single person in this world. Eventually, in order to be happy, you are just going to have to do things your own way. Well, Circle of Reason certainly did that here.

I, for one can not wait for the release of “Faith or Theory.” Check out the video for “Questions” below and stay tuned for my review of Circle of Reason’s upcoming EP via Freefall Records this May. Check them out now at:

Lyrics: 5/5

Instrumentals: 5/5

Creativity: 5/5

Performance: 5/5

Replay Value: 5/5

Final Score: A+