Review: City of the Weak – Pulling Teeth

Artist: City of the Weak
Album: Pulling Teeth
Rating: 10/10

Growth: It’s one of my favorite things to witness from a band. With the release of each single, EP and album… you can always feel that something has shifted. Be it a line-up change, some experimentation in their sound or just realization of musical talent… it quickly becomes apparent. With City of the Weak and their debut EP, White Fire Alarm, you could already tell that something special was pent up inside of the band. Sure enough, they followed it up with Disclosure, which featured one of their most popular tracks to date, “The Blame Game.”
This release began to unlock the band’s clear potential, with more experimentation in vocalist, Stef Huschka’s, range and a shift in sound. This sound, an interesting mixture of alternative rock with a punk edge and pop sensibilities, opened them up to a wider array of fans… ultimately allowing them to expand in ways they never dreamed possible. Now, a mere 3 years later, Pulling Teeth is set to arrive and continues to show that they’re constantly listening to the fans… and giving them what they want in spades.

Recorded with Craig Owens (Chiodos, BadXChannels, D.R.U.G.S., etc), who has pushed them beyond their boundaries and still further into new territory, this album stands as their best work to date. While catchy hooks and soaring melodies aren’t anything new to the MN trio, they’ve all been kicked up a notch for this record. Particularly on tracks like the lead single, “Censor This,” “Not This Time” and the punchy opener, “Like I Do.” On “Censor This,” they put a big middle finger up to the suits who beg them to follow trends, ride waves and become something that they are not. Artistic integrity is not something they’re prepared to sacrifice and, in a world where this is all but uncommon, it’s a refreshing notion.

In terms of production, though, these songs have never sounded better. In fact, both tracks that were released prior to the album, sound as if they’ve had a complete makeover since their original, respective releases. Bigger, bolder and more confident than they’ve ever sounded… this is City of the Weak blossoming into the monster that they’re destined to be. Pulling Teeth will be self-released on Friday, June 22nd, and can be pre-ordered via the links below. Be sure to pick yourself up a merch bundle, stream the album on Spotify or Apple Music or pick up a copy at a show near you… you’re not going to regret it.

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City of the Weak is:

Stef w/ an F – Vocals
Brent Lindblad – Guitars
Cody Hoffman – Bass