REVIEW: Cocoon – “The Itch – EP” (2012)


Artist:  Cocoon [Facebook]

Album:  “The Itch – EP”


  1.  Essential
  2. Boy from the North
  3. Don’t Up On Me
  4. The Ghost of Autumn

Hailing from the Bonn / Koblenz area, these sons of Germany making up the five-piece known simply as Cocoon have returned with a new EP after the release of their first LP and countless shows and tours through Germany and Austria, and they’re coming in strong!  Sticking to their guns, these boys live up to their “honest” and “brutal” reputation, letting everything they’ve got out, and even branching from just the simple title of “brutal.”  It throws not only brutality your way, but a beautiful melodic sound, as well as technical play that will show you just how underrated and deserving of recognition this band truly is.  Now, I can’t just keep it to myself forever, so please enjoy my review of Cocoon’s “The Itch.”

“The Essential,” the single release and music video track from “The Itch” is only a glance into the majesty that is Cocoon and their new EP, but it is a great example of what to expect.  The surprisingly technical guitar sound that Dean and Yosh bring to the table make this album even more of a must have item; the way their fingers grace the strings throughout “The Essential,” constantly switching from a brutal, unforgiving chugs to such beautiful and technical melodies, at times bringing back memories of bands such as Glass Cloud and The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, making this even more of an exciting record for me.  Though, this song is indeed only a glimpse; as one digs further into the record, keeping their ears pinned to each sound, they’ll find that these men have put everything they have into recording this.  They’ve established their sound, and are going out of their way, from what I or any who pick up this title, to show just what their made of.  From the moment you hear the chant, “I am not alone, no you are not alone!” you’ll have been gripped and will fall under their grasp, and will go in, clear minded, and see the beauty and awe-inspiring power that is “The Itch.”

Stand-Out Track:

“Don’t Give Up On Me”:  We start out, silence, but suddenly the melodic sound of guitar comes to us, clear and beautiful, but before long the pulverizing and punishing sound of guitar and Markus’ drums come, bringing that force we expect!  The song quickly goes from this wonderful melody to an onslaught of unforgiving beats and shredding, we even find Jan showcasing some of his most brutal and terrific vocals on the entire release.  Not long do they simply stay on the brutal side, oh no, they fall right back into a series of incredible breakdowns, filled with guitar work bringing the listener into the realization that this isn’t just some “hardcore band, “ this isn’t a band that can be just pegged down into one genre.  Such inspiring beauty, and yet it’s so filled with ferocity.  I could have brought any song up as a stand-out track on the album, don’t get me wrong, but this one to me stands above all the others; this song feels more heartfelt and more honest than any other on the release.


This is an album for people from all corners of metal and hardcore; it has something for just about anyone:  intense breakdowns, swell guitar-work, and even a few bits of electronics here and there for fans of the more electronically influenced style of music.  This album doesn’t just grip you with its sound, but with the message behind it.  This album sounds to me as if it’s a soundtrack to life, living and never giving up.  From the hooking sound to the gripping chants, this album is mesmerizing and truly deserving of everyone’s listening pleasure.  Please, check out this album and see for yourself:  I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.  This album released April 20th, 2012 and is available through iTunes, Amazon, Musicload, DooLoad and Jamba!

Final Rating:  5/5


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