REVIEW: The Color Morale – “Learned Behavior – Single” (2013)

The Color Morale - Learned Behavior


Artist:  The Color Morale [Facebook] [Twitter]

Song:  “Learned Behavior

Back for more and ready to wow and excite their fans, The Color Morale are dropping their newest record, “Know Hope,” after much discussion and hinting at a new release!  A band not known to disappoint their fans, The Color Morale send out good vibrations with the single for the record, “Learned Behavior.”  Does this song set the tone of the album?  One can only hope, because this new track shows a different side of The Color Morale.  This song, honestly, is just so natural and pure – it sounds like it comes straight from the band’s collective hearts and minds, crafting each individual’s skill and emotion into a new sound that just completely and totally works.  This song shows great progression from the band.  In their first two releases, The Color Morale presented a similar sound each time, though growing a bit heavier in the second.  This time around, we have a brand new sound found in “Learned Behavior” – this song presents a heavier and more powerful sound from the band, while also giving off this more spiritual vibe.  As well, the vocals sound a lot more natural – more pure and full of emotion and power!  The instrumental bits themselves, as well, have changed up too.  This song seems to take a more technical approach with everything, and each different instrument has its own individual personality, and everything is clearly different, but melding together to create such a new, remarkable and brilliant sound – a sound I myself cannot recall hearing from any other band.  This song could come as shock or a disappointment to some fans, with this new sound broadcasted in the track, but most, I believe, will not be dismayed by this impressive force that is “Learned Behavior,” and will be absolutely blown away by the coming enigma that is “Know Hope”!