Review: Common Thieves – Exhumed – Vol. 1

Artist: Common Thieves
Album: Exhumed – Vol. 1

Deathcore is a genre all about brutality, both in lyrics and instrumentation. What happens, though, when meaning and emotion are put into those lyrics? Welcome Common Thieves (formerly GlassFigures) who bring this concept to life. Don’t get me wrong, there are other bands who do this (and do it well) but it’s their mixture of several facets of metal that really make them stand out. Their debut EP, Exhumed – Vol. 1 is an amalgamation of life experience, true passion for their art and a desire to make a difference through their music.

Instrumentally, the album combines heavy chugging guitars with melodic, memorable riffs and pure devastation behind the kit. Each track, while fairly standard in the way of composition, has its own dark theme, which leads to a darker atmosphere. Make no mistake, though, no two tracks are alike when you begin to dissect them. For instance, the opening track “Failure” is a brutal onslaught, designed to grip you by the throat and not let go until the end. “Desolate,” by comparison shows more of the metalcore roots that were introduced with their original incarnation. A haunting aura surrounds the track, as mid-range screams dominate mid-tempo drum beats. “Fever Dream” finds a way to combine these with a more hardcore edge, in terms of how the vocals come off. In essence, this track is a good representation of what to expect from the album as a whole. The title track, which features Aidan from Dealer, is a foray into a much heavier direction, fueled by malice and breakdowns. Both vocalists have a similar style but you can easily pick them apart in this track. My only gripe on this track, though, is that it takes a little too long to get started. The intro provides a nice backdrop for the beginning of the track but it almost turns you off due to length. Once it gets started, you’re immediately thrown through the wall, though.

Lyrically, it all comes from experience, whether by vocalist Parker Blair or from the other members of the band, as well as things they have witnessed. When a song speaks on a tough subject, you can feel the emotion behind it and there is a certain vulnerability to each of these songs, even if it seems masked on first listen.

Overall, Exhumed – Vol. 1 is a shining example of what Deathcore should sound like, in this day and age. While there are plenty of chugs and breakdowns to be had, they aren’t all that fuels this band. Nostalgia, a desire to be different and to create music that resonates with them, are all principals for which this band stand. Connect with the lyrics, bounce and mosh to the songs and support independent music by picking up a copy, physically or digitally, today!

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Common Thieves are:
Parker Blair
Alex Woods
Riley Harman