Review: Converge- All We Love We Leave Behind [2012]


Artist: Converge

Album: All We Love We Leave Behind

Rating: 11/10

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1. Aimless Arrow

2. Trespasses

3. Tender Abuse

4. Sadness Comes Home

5. Empty On The Inside

6. Sparrow’s Fall

7. Glacial Pace

8. Vicious Muse

9. Veins And Vails

10. Coral Blue

11. Shame In The Way

12. Pricipice

13. All We Love We Leave Behind

14. Predatory Glow


Hailing from Salem, Massachusetts Converge have always been a tough band for me as a listener to get into. The first song I heard that opened up my world to their blend of chaotic hardcore was The Saddest Day (Off of 1996s Petitioning The Empty Sky). Since then I’ve listened to every song of there’s that’s to listen to off every album. I have been patiently awaiting All We Love We Leave being since Axe To Fall came out in 2009 and believe me when I say it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest even though it is most definitely their most experimental record to date.

The opening track on the album “Aimless Arrow” sets the tone for the rest of the album despite being one of their most experimental tracks to date. Jacob Bannon does more of a yelling type of vocals on this track than Converge’s signature harsh vocals even though there is some on this track as well. Experimenting with a different vocal style quickly ends as the second track on the album “Trespasses” begins. This track is generally exactly what you’d expect to hear from Converge. The song opens up with a fast paced thrash-esque riff and goes right into Bannon’s signature vocals. At this point in time if you’re listening to the album and not in love with it already listening to the whole thing would be a waste of your time.

Continuing on into the album we reach track eight entitled “Vicious Muse” This song really stood out for me amongst all the other songs which all fell short by a thread compared to this song. The song opens up with drummer Ben Koller playing a catchy hook right into Bannon’s signature vocal style once again but what caught me the most and striked this song as better than the rest for me was the bridge of the song beginning around 0:32 where gang vocals you could say are used. Ending this album with one of the slowest tracks “Predatory Glow” was a great choice to me. Great ending to a great album and once again had memorable hooks and riffs that will be remembered and not forgotten.

Key Tracks:

2. Trespasses: This song really set the tone for the more hardcore Converge fans to me. Opening up with a thrashy riff continuing onto Bannon’s signature style that all Converge fans of the like love. Completely fast and chaotic all the way through till the end. The song also transitions perfectly into track 3 “Tender Abuse” which is also a personal favorite of mine off this record.

8. Vicious Muse: This song seriously stood out among the rest. As I said in the paragraph above this song just went above and beyond my expectations for a Converge song.

10. Coral Blue: Being the slowest song on the album it might be hard to get used to to some. The song features Jacob Bannon singing throughout rather than his harsh vocals instead which is a pleasant change for me and offers up variety for the whole album along with his “yelling” style vocals and constant harsh vocals as well the singing makes this song stick out among the rest.

Final Verdict:

For making me wait three years, All We Love We Leave Behind is definitely a welcome change to Converge’s classic sound with the most experimenting they have ever done on an album before but change is never a bad thing. The album is consistent throughout and throws great hooks, riffs and leads at you that keep you interested throughout its entire thirty eight minute length. Go pick up this record from any major retail store, online or from the band directly! Definitely one hell of an album that you cannot miss if you call yourself a Converge fan. Actually might be my favorite record of their’s because it personally outdo’s Jane Doe and Petitioning The Empty Sky (my past favorites) in every way, shape and form. Be sure to catch them on tour for the whole remainder of this year!