REVIEW: Corcid – The Demoralizing Process [2012]

Band: Corcid

Album: The Demoralizing Process

Rating: 9/10



1. Heraclitus
2. Continence Crawl
3. The Lashes They Fear
4. A Wasteland A Kingdom
5. Obelisk
6. Orbiters
7. Demoralizing Process
8. Indissonant Prayer
9. Siam
10. Dream Sequence

Sometimes you have those days that you’re just sick of it all, driving to your boring job and getting stuck in traffic, having to deal with the ignorance of your fellow man, these every day annoyances can really take their toll on you.
Since going on a killing spree isn’t  socialy acceptable I often turn to music to defrag my mind of all this daily bullshit and nothing works better than some good old fashioned underground deathcore.
I came across a band from Champaign, Illinois named ”Corcid” that precisely had the thing I was looking for: a technical onslaught with plenty of breakdowns and a good mixture of different styles.
Their first full length album ”The Demoralizing Process” consists out of 10 tracks which are all unique in some way and will keep the listener entertained from beginning to end.
From the easy going atmospheric guitar work on ”’Orbiters” and the intro track to the facemelting technical brutality of tracks such as ”A Wasteland A Kingdom” and the self titled track.
The relentless technical riffs that drill through every song and the occasional beatdowns are being supported by vocals that sound like someone is fisting your anus with a cheese grater, like the instrumentals these vocals have lots of diversity to them, they range from deep guttural growls to deathcore style highs and perhaps my personal favorite: the raw hardcore grunts that remind me alot of Martyr Defiled, instant win in my book.

Favorite tracks

Continence Crawl:

After the intro that in no way prepares you for the annihilating fury this band has to offer, this song will instantly get you hooked on this album.
The first track (minus the intro ofcourse) is always important to give you that first impression and ”Corcid” succeeds with showing off all their musical skill right away.
The technical drumming and machine gun riffs that seem almost inhuman at times will make you feel as if you’re standing in front of a firing squad trying to dodge a barrage of bullets.

The Lashes They Fear:

This track takes a deathcore approach and starts off with some lovely chugging, beastly breakdowns and a mix of different vocal styles.
This is frequently interrupted by death metal riffs but the drumming keeps the pace from slowing down to much and ensures to keep you pumped up and ready to kill stuff.

Demoralizing Process:

After a lenghty instrumental song that gave you some space to catch your breath its back to full brutality!
This track probably has some of the most chuggy and bouncy riffs on the whole album, it has that underground deathcore vibe to it, theres nothing I dont like about this track.

Indissonant Prayer:
My favorite track for sure, it has everything you could want: breakdowns, gang shouts, ear bleeding blast beats, lots of different vocal styles (all angry as fuck ofcourse) and ofcourse the fast guitar shredding, this song just overwhelms me with awesomeness and gives me a smile on my face.

Final Verdict:

With millions of bands just like this that are trying hard to make a name for themselves, most of them fail in the end, either because their sound is copied from other bands and sound to generic to get enough fans, or have personal problems within the band.
”Corcid” is NOT one of these bands however and I was pleasantly surprised, amazed even when I first heard their work, I can only hope that they will keep making music like this because ”The Demoralizing Process” can rival with some of the best albums out there.
So if you’re still asking yourself to buy this album for your collection this is a no brainer, BUY THIS ALBUM RIGHT FUCKING NOW, except if you hate metal then i wouldn’t recommend it. 😛

For fans of: Martyr Defiled, Thy Art Is Murder, Beneath The Massacre, King Conquer, Dissever The Tyrant, Rose Funeral, State of East London