REVIEW: Courting Disaster – A Letter Home (Single)


Band: Courting Disaster [Facebook]

Song: A Letter Home


Courting Disasters is a band out to make a name for themselves. I personally know one of their guitarist, Harry! By the looks this band is 100% dedicated and loves the music they make. Just keep a eye out for them in the future!

When first clicking the play button it starts off with soft piano play, it was relaxing. About 35 seconds in the real fun starts with some devastating screams, heart pounding drums, perfect bass, and fast guitar play! Usually I’m not a fan of dual layered vocals, but for this song, it came out great!  The clean vocals in this song match perfectly with the rest of the song! Really good transitions from screams to cleans throughout the song! The ending was very well structured, with a added melody before the ending vocals, it puts the song fully together.


Overall Rating:

A Letter Home Lyric Video