REVIEW: Creations – Unworthy/Humility [2013]


Band: Creations

Album: Unworthy/Humility

Label: Mediaskare Records

Preview: Paid in Full (My Neglect)

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Creations: an Australian metal band best known for it’s feriously hard hitting Hardcore/Deathcore combination present to you their second full length album ”Unworthy/Humility”, and it does not fuck around. While the concept and idea are more or less the same than the previous album ”The Gospel”, Creations is focussing on a more sinister and aggressive sound this time around, which is a big improvement in my opinion. Also the seemingly more mature/conceptional lyrical content is a nice feat, as being a non-Christian myself I don’t really like it when bands do that whole preaching thing, I just want to hear eviscerating, flesh-tearing metal and Creations more than delivers in that regard. ”Unworthy/Humility” also draws lots of influences from bands such as Impending Doom and Those Who Fear so if you are a fan of either you CANNOT go wrong with this one, expect to be submerged in a 33 minute lasting hurricane containing continuous attacks of deep grooves, smashing drums and punishing raw vocal attacks. If you prefer lots of diversity in your music (or if you’re simply too much of a pussy), these constant attacks might prove too much for you to handle, because Creations does not back down for even a second to give you some breathing space. To add fuel to this already¬†scorching, intense fire ”Unworthy/Humility” is featuring guest vocals by Brook Reeves(Impending Doom) and Dean Atkinson(With Blood Comes Cleansing) as well as the old vocalist making an appearance so expect to be treated to some additional vicious screams throughout the album. Creations always tries to give you the most moshable, straight forward Hardcore influenced music and they really improved a lot with this new release, just be sure to listen with your speakers all the way open. There is not much more to add to this really, to get to the point: If you like all-round blood boiling anger, deep breakdowns/grooves and a dark atmosphere in your music (and who doesn’t?) keep your eyes and ears peeled for the upcoming release of ”Unworthy/Humility”!

Rating: 9.4/10

For fans of: Impending Doom, Those Who Fear, The Great Commission, Behold the Kingdom, As Hell Retreats, The Gun Show, Earth From Above