Review: Crobot – Welcome to Fat City

Artist: Crobot
Album: Welcome to Fat City
Rating: 10/10

In a time where Rock N Roll music has become bland and commercialized, there are bands that go against the grain. These bands are gritty, no-hold as barred and absolutely unapologetic in what they do. They are few and far between and many go unnoticed, sadly. One of those bands is Pottsville, PA’s Crobot. Blurring the line between reality and mysticism, this band brings back the fashion styles of the 70’s, including long hair and colorful clothing, mixes it with an overall groove-ridden, stoner rock vibe and finishes it off with a modern & funky rock n roll flavor. Reminiscent of when rock music was dominated by incredible riffs, Crobot is one in a million. They gained a massive radio presence with the release of “Nowhere to Hide,” which is what led me to discovering and diving deeper into their music. Their debut album, Something Supernatural, peaked at #8 on the Billboard Heatseekers charts and they refused to slow down there. Nearly 2 years later, they’re back with their sophomore album, Welcome to Fat City. This album is (if you can believe it) even groovier, funkier and more explosive than its predecessor.

When it comes to guitar parts in today’s music, there’s just simply too much repetition. It seems that today’s bands use the same, tired riffs over and over again, just barely changing them up to where the average listener won’t notice. However, for Crobot, creating memorable and dominating riffs is an absolute art and they’ve perfected it like no other. Guitarist Bishop knows exactly what he’s doing to create the right atmosphere for vocalist Brandon Yeagley’s signature howls. Nothing too flashy, his guitar solos will captivate the listener and get the body moving. A deep fascination with all things supernatural, this band makes sure that their music remains shrouded in the mysticism that they write about. When it comes to Crobot, they don’t need to have a build-up to their album because they hit you with lick, after lick, after lick… unrelentless in their ability to create something memorable. Not only is Welcome to Fat City done well in that respect, musically, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a trip to the past. No 20-minute jazz odysseys needed here to get their point across, but there isn’t a single moment that won’t have your body moving.

While Something Supernatural gave us a taste of what these guys were about, it’s Welcome to Fat City that shows just how well they progress as a band, from album to album. With the help of famed producer Machine (Clutch, Lamb of God, Every Time I Die) and the mixing skills of the infamous Alan Moulder (Led Zeppelin, Them Crooked Vultures, Nine Inch Nails), these guys have created something to truly be proud of. So sit back, roll up a fat one and crank this mother up to 11, because you’re in for a hell of a ride. Welcome to Fat City is out on September 23rd via Wind-Up Records and can be pre-ordered by using the links below. Check out “Not For Sale”, “Plague of the Mammoths” and “Play It Cool” for a taste of this monster!

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Crobot is:
Brandon Yeagley – Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Bishop – Guitar, Vocals
Jake Figueroa – Bass
Paul Figueroa – Drums