Review: Crown the Empire – The Fallout

Band: Crown the Empire
Album: The Fallout
Rating: 5/5


1. Oh, Catastrophe
2. The Fallout
3. Memories of a Broken Heart
4. Makeshift Chemistry
5. The One You Feed
6. Graveyard Souls
7. Menace
8. Two’s Too Many
9. Evidence
10. Children of Love
11. ┬áJohnny’s Revenge

Do you like breakdowns, bone-chilling melodies and harmonies, and devastating instrumentals? Then “The Fallout” is for you! Following up from the release of their 2011 EP, “Limitless“, Crown the Empire’s debut full-length fully delivers in ways I didn’t think were possible in today’s music scene. With the addition of their new screamer, Dave Escamilla, this Dallas, TX group of misfits is ready to take over the world, as well as, the hearts of their fans. While straying a little bit from their normal sound, they found a way to blend old and new and bring us something that can be enjoyed for years to come. Andy’s vocals are once again flawless and the addition of Dave’s screams just bring it to a whole new level of incredible. Ben and Brandon deliver raw, gritty, devastating breakdowns as well as some more subtle riffs throughout the album. Hayden’s bass lines keep the beat going in the right direction and Brent’s groundbreaking drum skills just bring it all into a nice, neat little package. But be warned, appearances are not as they seem. Once opened, this package has the potential to change the world, capture the hearts of fans, and push itself into the history books! I’m very proud to give you my review of Crown the Empire’s debut full-length album, “The Fallout”

Key Tracks:

Oh, Catastrophe: The spine-tingling, bone-chilling intro that starts this album off and sets the mood for the story to be told. Once I finally got to hear this track, I was instantly jumping out of my seat waiting to hear what else was in store for this album! The video later released for it seems to reference at a Romeo & Juliet type forbidden love, which was a very intriguing plot.

The Fallout: The title track of the album. This track centers around the collapse of our society and has a very positive message. Stand up for what’s right, do something to change the world, “Why not try starting revolution?” or watch our world go up in flames. This is one of my favorite tracks and has been since my first listen of the album.

Memories of a Broken Heart: This track had me almost in tears after my first listen and had me singing at the top of my lungs from every listen after. One of the more subtle, slower tracks, it still has quite a dark undertone. This was the 2nd single released from the album.

Makeshift Chemistry: One of the heaviest tracks on the album and the first single to be released from it. What can I say about this track that hasn’t already been said? It’s incredible, it’s mindblowing, and it’s everything we love from CTE and more! This track centers around love lost. The protagonist seems to want that which he can no longer have. Later in the track, it seems he finally moves on, she comes to her senses, and he’s gone. It’s a very compelling story and I recommend giving this track a listen but REALLY listen to the lyrics.

The One You Feed: Now, for those of you who follow the band closely, you will notice the piano intro released in a song clip quite awhile back. Once I heard it again, I was instantly ready to grab hold and listen to it. This track is possibly my favorite on the album because of the chorus: “I’ve given more than what I’ve got/I’ve given all of what I’m not/ I’ve watched this war consume all that we could become/If I die before it’s done/Please take these words my final thoughts/The only way to shine your light is in the dark/Never let life kill your spark” Those lyrics right there are my favorite from the album, it’s signaling on a day to day struggle in this war on society. A war, it seems, we may never win.

Menace: Another one of my favorites, this track is also Ben’s favorite. Another heavier track, it centers on a sort of Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde type story. During the day, he hides his true self and during the night, he’s a menace, a monster. But he doesn’t want to hide in the dark anymore. He wants to show everyone that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Johnny’s Revenge: I was most pumped to hear this song and I was even more blown away by how great it turned out! Those of you who have listened to the “Limitless” EP will recall the track “Johnny Ringo” in which a man sold his soul to the devil, in this case, Johnny. This track is centered around the protagonist getting his revenge on Johnny for killing him. The circus theme is still in place and is a crucial role to making this all it is. One of the eeriest and most bone-chilling tracks on the album.

Final Thoughts:

From first listen to now, when I’ve listened to the album about 3 times a day since receiving it from the band, this album never gets boring, always has something new that jumps out at you, and is overall one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. This 7-piece is on fire and they are ready to take over the world with this release. Go pick up your copy of “The Fallout”, out on Rise Records, Tuesday November 20th!!!