Review: Cycles – Identity EP

Front Cover


Artist: Cycles
Album: Identity EP
Rating: 10/10

1. Only I
2. Postmodern-ish
3. Cimmerian Summer
4. Detachment
5. Belief Suspended
6. Counting Contradictions

If you like bands like The Word Alive, Blessthefall, Into the Flood and, most recently, Sworn In, who conceal incredibly powerful messages behind their seemingly angry music, then Cycles is ¬†for you. Honestly, before hearing this EP, I had never heard of the band outside of one of the members adding me. I can now say that, without a doubt, “Identity” is hands-down one of the best and most impressive EPs that has been released this year. It seems that more and more incredible metal bands are popping up in Florida and Cycles is no exception. What have they got that most don’t? The band has talent, lyrical prowess and power the likes of which few bands have managed to achieve. The instrumentals are simple, yet technical. The lyrics, which seem to (as the title suggests), hint at the different cycles of life are incredibly insightful and eye-opening. The vocals are raw, aggressive and absolutely devasating and overall, convey a message of desperation in wanting to know what’s next.

Key Tracks:

Postmodern-Ish: This track seems to be a cry out to a divine being, “Oh, Captain! My Captain! We hear your words, this ship is sinking and nobody heard!”, but in the end realizes that the calls go unanswered and you must rely on yourself. It seems as though there is some desperation in singer Mason Stillwell’s voice as he has come to a point in his life where he feels as though life has failed him and he can no longer continue. As I’ve touched on many times in the past, we’ve all had those feelings, cried out to an unknown being, some of those calls seem to be answered while others are ignored, but in the end, we all make the better of the situation. This track is probably one of my top 3 on the album.

Detachment: This track seems to be about that moment of clarity when you decide to either pick yourself up and push yourself to be the person you want to be or you give up. “Let’s keep the dead, dead. Keep them dead, let’s keep the dead, dead. Test the mirror instead!” These lyrics seem to be hinting at taking a look at yourself in the mirror and realizing your true potential, letting go of the bad and letting the good influence your life.

Final Thoughts:
To me, this EP is the absolute epitome of all that is good in music. You know that feeling when you get lost in the music and you completely phase out all that’s around you? That’s me with this album! The music, the lyrics, the vocals, it all sets in and before you realize it, you’ve probably listened to the album 3 or 4 times! I look forward to see what’s next from this band! Pick up your copy of “Identity” on iTunes and Bandcamp on Friday, June 28th and let the band know what you think!

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