Review: Dark Divine Explore Fears on Debut Album, “Deadly Fun”

Artist: Dark Divine
Album: Deadly Fun
Label: Thriller Records


Fear – a shapeshifter in the mind. It can cause reactions emotionally, physically and spiritually. There are many different types of fears, as well, but most of them are seldom discussed and even less understood. As such, people who feel certain kinds of fears feel like they may be alone but, in reality, there are many out there just like them. Enter Orlando, FL’s Dark Divine, the macabre outfit that has been turning heads all over the US in the past year and bringing these topics to the forefront of their dark circus-like musical themes. First releasing the aptly-named, Halloweentown EP, even paying homage to the “Pumpkin King” himself with the title track: the band caught the attention of industry professionals all over. Their high energy shows, coupled with their horror-goth aesthetic make for a night you won’t soon forget. Vocalist Anthony Martinez tackles tougher subjects in his lyrics, while the instrumentals create an eerie soundscape. Their debut album, Deadly Fun, was recently released via Thriller Records and serves as a testament to their ability to fully hone into their crafts. Produced by Zach Jones (Chelsea Grin, We Came as Romans, Fit For a King), this album packs a real punch from start to finish, in more ways than one.

Deadly Fun explores fear of the different types of death: emotional, spiritual and literal. Each song has its own meaning and its own sound, with no two sounding the same. However, the overall theme of the album is that of overcoming those fears by facing them head on. The album kicks off with the title track, “Deadly Fun,” in which fear of the supernatural is discussed. A woman discusses her recent experiences and how her belief in the supernatural has changed with the introduction of these fears. Powerful screams proclaim “H-A-U-N-T-E-D, this is an anomaly. I don’t want to be the prey of this entity.” Heavy, chugging guitars and high pitch electronics overlay an earworm chorus. A perfect introduction to the album, as it showcases a lot of what to expect. What follows is “Drown,” which is more melodic and emotional. A soaring chorus, more of an orchestral sound with an edge. One of my favorite songs on the album, “Paper Crown” features Bryan Kuznitz (Fame on Fire). This track has a heavier edge to it but also introduces whispered vocal sections. The unique vocals of both Martinez and Kuznitz are a great contrast to one another. The album closer, however, might be the heaviest track on the album or of the band’s career. Entitled “The Reaper,” you’d have to expect no less, right?

Deadly Fun not only serves as a fun listen, with an enormous amount of replay value but it showcases just why the FL natives have gotten so much attention, and at such a rapid pace. Not only will they blow your minds musically but aesthetically and in a live setting as well. Dance with the dead and pick up your copy today!

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