REVIEW: Three Days Grace – Human (Deluxe Edition)

Three Days Grace - Human

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I want to start off by saying that I wanted to hate this album. I, like many others, had an extremely rough time getting past the replacement of Adam Gontier in Three Days Grace by My Darkest Days vocalist, Matt Walst. In many ways, Adam was the heart and soul of the band, but I have to admit that their new record “Human” took me by complete surprise. It is a solid album from all directions that contains all the tell-tale signs of a Three Days Grace record; catchy hooks, sing-a-longs, emotionally gritty vocals, and memorable rhythms & music.

Three Days Grace claimed that for “Human” they wanted to go ‘back to their roots.’ While not exactly re-creating their self-titled debut, “Human” appears to be the logical next step after “Life Starts Now” instead of the more atmospheric and experimental “Transit of Venus.” Tracks such as “Human Race,” “I Am Machine,” and “Car Crash” are fantastically performed by new vocalist, Matt Walst, which I am sure will be new fan-favorites. At times throughout this record though, some of the songs do tend to run a little generic. While none of the songs on the record are bad by any means, a few do not elicit the same emotional connection that I was able to achieve with past Three Days Grace albums. Even after all that being said, “Human” continues to grow on me with every day and every listen. I find myself being able to connect with more of the songs as the album continues to seep into my brain.

Since this is a review of the Deluxe Edition of “Human,” let’s discuss disc two. The deluxe edition second disc contains 4 tracks; 2 new, 2 live. Unfortunately, the live tracks are not impressive. I would rather have seen more b-sides and outtakes instead. There is a shining star here though: The b-side track, “Every Other Weekend,” was a very welcomed surprise. The song gave great insight into Matt’s childhood and where he comes from as a writer and vocalist. The beauty is in the plain and simple honesty that this song portrays. It is a shame that “Every Other Weekend” did not make the final cut of “Human,” as the deluxe edition can only be purchased online as a $50.00 USD special package. But, hearing this track did give me more respect for not only “Human” as an album, but Matt being the right replacement for Adam in Three Days Grace. The other new track included on disc two is “Human Race (Atmosphere Version),” which is a very enjoyable instrumental take of the opening track to the record itself.

All-In-All, “Human (Deluxe Edition)” is a great record. It’s not perfect, it does not re-invent the wheel by any means, but for Three Days Grace going through such a major overhaul, I am satisfied with the end results here. Personal feelings aside, I am glad to say that “Human” is a well-deserving addition to the overall body of work from Three Days Grace.

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