Review: Consider Me Dead – Young At Heart


Artist: Consider Me Dead
Album: Young At Heart
Rating: 9.5/10

Coming out of the heart of California, it takes a lot to rise above and beyond the amount of talent that is already established. Consider Me Dead have been making waves long before they were signed to Standby Records earlier this year. In fact, I stumbled upon them after they followed me on Twitter right before the release of their debut self-titled EP. That EP, as well as it’s follow-up Up All Night still get quite a bit of play time in my library. There is a major change between that EP, and their debut Standby Records release, Young At Heart, though. The first, and most obvious, is that it’s their debut full-length release with a total of 10 tracks (11 if you include the intro). The second, and kind of surprising to me, was that there is little-t0-no screaming on this album, it’s pretty much an entirely electronic rock-oriented album from beginning to end. Fans of the band will remember hearing quite a bit of screaming on the debut EP and a little less on Up All Night. That, by no means, makes a difference to how talented these guys are.

If I had to lichen this band to any other at this point in their career, I would have to say they sound incredibly similar to Kill Paradise just slightly toned down. The title Young At Heart symbolizes growing up, but still having fun and not letting the petty things in life get you down. Musically, lyrically and individually this album is their best work to date. From tracks like “The Eulogy Ballroom” which is a bit slower-paced but is a bit of a throwback to their older sound, sans-screams to “Up All Night” that begins acoustic-driven and builds into a poppy, up-tempo track full of bubbly lyrics that will make the heart pound, especially for lovers. One of my favorite tracks, though, is the much more melancholy “My Lucid Dreams”. It’s about being stuck in your dreams, not wanting to wake up and always waking up when it gets best. Even moreso, it’s about not being afraid to chase your dreams, no matter what they may be. Then you have tracks like “Like Thunder” which is one of the only tracks to feature a tiny bit of screaming and has a pretty great build up from beginning to middle, turning into a club-driven dance fest, fun for all ages. Of course, there’s the title track which is incredibly upbeat and, honestly, one of the best on the album musically. It’s driven, it will get you moving and it’s pretty powerful lyrically.

Whether you’ve been a fan of CMD since their self-titled days or you’re just discovering them since their singing to Standby, if you’re into electronically-driven rock, you won’t find a better band of their caliber. This trio manages to impress me more and more with each release and it’s safe to say that Young At Heart will be their break-through! Be sure to pick up your copy, out on Standby Records, now and get ready to dance!

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