Review: Deadbeat – ‘Gloom’ [EP] (2020)

New York Beatdown doesn’t get much better than the Rochester based group Deadbeat and their new EP ‘Gloom’, which is out now worldwide. The long awaited EP gave us a glance into the heart of Deadbeat. ‘Gloom’ begins with the title track. Throttled intro fueled by intoxicating guitar tones. The intro serves as an “appetizer” to the rest of the EP. The next track “Shadow Figure” shows us what Deadbeat has been working on since their debut single in 2017. ‘Shadow Figure’ is one of my personal favorites on the record and is the best track to describe the overall atmosphere surrounding the EP. The vocals do a great job capturing each range of emotion felt with individual lines. This stands true throughout the entire record. As the ‘Gloom’ progresses with ‘The Cruelest Intentions’ the anger inside each song thickens like the guitar riffs in the breakdowns. I see this as a good thing, fitting to the title ‘Gloom’. Next up –‘Shades’ is shaped with a haunted melodies backing the aggressive instrumentation, accompanying it very well. The send off track “Spiteful” is vocally one of the most aggressive tracks on the record. I really enjoyed the way the band wrote and structured this song. It seemed to stick with me and cause me to yeet my headphones off in a headbanging fashion. Overall ‘Gloom’ is a great start for Deadbeat. The band is showing a promising future in terms of their musical capabilities.

Deadbeat is getting ready to head out on tour with Oakheart! Catch them at one of the dates below.