Review: Dear You – I Can Only Blame Myself

Artist: Dear You
Album: I Can Only Blame Myself
Label: Third String Records

There aren’t many pop punk bands that catch my attention these days that weren’t already established for years. However, Beaumont’s Dear You is definitely an exception that rule. Formed in May of 2009, these guys are quickly showing what it means to be a rising star in a dying scene. I have many friends in bands around the area but the scene just isn’t what it used to be. Dear You is one of the few lights in the dark, so to speak. Now that they’ve signed to Third String Records and dropped their brand new EP I Can Only Blame Myself, they’re ready to continue taking over the world.

Who would’ve thought that a band from a rarely heard-of town like Beaumont, TX would be able to shine bright with the best of them. Incredibly reminiscent of bands like Man Overboard, New Found Glory and even a hint of Dashboard Confessional, I Can Only Blame Myself shows that Pop Punk is not dead! Tracks like the captivating opener/title track, “I Can Only Blame Myself” and the newest single, “This Is How You Rewrote Yourself” show the band’s true talent. After listening to that track alone, you can tell this band is destined for greatness. The highlight of the album is certainly “Castles”, though, which just had it’s video debuted at the infamous website PropertyOfZack. This track shows just what these guys can do in terms of musicianship. The vocals throughout the album are flawless, the production is incredible and I truly believe this will become a piece of hometown history.

If you haven’t checked out these hometown boys, be sure to pick up their previous releases as well as I Can Only Blame Myself, out on Third String Records now! Keep an eye out because this is still just the beginning for this Beaumont trio!

“This Is How You Rewrote Yourself” (Official Music Video)

“Castles” (PropertyOfZack Exclusive) (Official Music Video)