Blackened Djent/Deathcore Band, Death Eater, to Release First Album November 1st!

Artist: Death Eater
Album: The Game Of Life | The Gift Of Death
Label: Obsidian Studios

It’s not everyday that you win the lottery and that is an understatement. But recently I won the lottery, I was so lucky as to be gifted by the good graces of the Djentlemen over at Death Eater the listening pleasure of what is to be their first full album release The Game Of Life | The Gift of Death. Death Eater is a 5 piece Djent band from Roseburg, Oregon that formed in January of 2017. I came across this band when one of my promoter friends was sharing a post about them. Never being let down by my buddy Matt at Slav Daddy Promotions, I did some investigating and came across a few single releases by the band. Their first single was a track titled The End, where we fade into an ominous intro that permeates with crushing snare hits, chuggy Djent riffs and some incredibly impressive vocal tones.

It did not take long after the band’s first release before they dropped another single, just a month later, Heart Locket. Dishing up another ominous and atmospheric intro. This is the song where I knew I was going to be a fan. There’s so much competition anymore between which vocalists have the lowest lows, and then we have the vocalist of Death Eater, Jake Krumbein, who can do those lows but what set him apart for me was how tonal and powerful his mid range vocals were. Just very unique. The guitarists Nathan Gifford and Ryan Christian along with bassist Nicholas Grant really bring together something great here blending their talents with percussionist Colton Dishner to create something that’s not your average and repetitive Djent riffs, the overall groove is just sweet. It was however, a short single, shy of 3 minutes, and much of it being instrumental filler.

It isn’t until 2019 that we have 2 more singles by the band, Someone Else’s Skin in February and in July The release the Single, Loveless, Featuring CJ Mcreery from Lorna Shore!Now, there’s 4 singles and we are impatiently waiting for an album. Ladies and Djentlemen, it’s coming! The album includes all 4 of the early fore mentioned single releases accompanied by an additional 6 more tracks, Crown Blossom, Beyond Belief, Absolute Zero, Patricide, Departing and Sacricide.  I’m still baffled, questioning how in the world I made it through this album without losing any teeth. I would have enjoyed a bit of a breather somewhere in the middle of all the chaos that was being unleashed, song after song but sometimes, in this world of chaos, there is no time for a breather. Well played Death Eater, Well Played.

Be sure to add these guys to your list of New Releases to check out, FFO: Humanity’s Last Breath, Vildhjarta, Reflections, Black Tongue, Glass Cloud, Car Bomb, Oceano and Before I Turn. Death Eater, The Game of Life | The Gift of Death, out November 1st, 2019.

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