Review: December Rose – Self-Titled EP

December Rose - December Rose EP cover
Artist: December Rose
Album: December Rose
Rating: 5/5

I’m not the least bit shy in saying that I enjoy pop music. While most pop these days is boring, repetitive and completely lacking in feeling… there are a few hidden gems out there. Montreal, QC’s December Rose is one of the highest exceptions to that rule with her gorgeous, soulful voice. Reminiscent of early Amy Winehouse, Adele and Jessie J, this woman has the vocal power to really make it in this business. With the release of her debut, self-titled EP December Rose, she tries many different facets of the pop genre. Beginning with a soft emotional track that will tear at your heartstrings, leading up to the final track which is a club remix of her hit “Came Here to Party.” She started off as nothing more than a girl who loved to sing, put her music on YouTube and before you knew it she’d won “Best Female Solo Artist” from and caught the attention of Invitation Records A&R executive, Gianni Tiru.

Beginning with a soft, slow song is a risky move on a pop record because it can wind up setting you up for failure. That being said, the opening track “Without You” shows a vulnerable side of Rose right from the start, quickly proving that she’s not afraid to wear her emotions on her sleeve. I can only describe this song as the best song Adele never wrote. It’s got a soulful finesse, an incredible build up and really captures the listener from the get-go. This song is really going to adhere itself to the hearts of anyone who has ever been in love. It tackles the uncertainty you may feel when experiencing true love. You’re not quite sure if the other person feels the same way but you never want the feeling to go away. “I really, really love you and I hope that you love me too ‘coz I don’t know where I’d be without you. I hope I can make you smile, that we’ll lost for a long while ‘coz I don’t know what I’d do without you” Rose sings angelically in the chorus. This is where it really pulls you in but listen to the lyrics from start to finish.

“Ball Game” is another track that’s really been making an impact. Recently, she stated that it’s been played in BJ’s stores in the US. This is a song that, again, shows a different side of her. Where “Without You” is soft, slow and really heartfelt, “Ball Game” is the complete opposite. Boasting an extremely catchy beat, chorus and a real strong hint of sarcasm lyrically, this track centers around the feeling of being played by a guy. Using baseball as a metaphor was the perfect choice as she fluidly moves through the chorus. She boasts that she knows the “game” and that she won’t fall for these advances. The best thing about this track is that it will get stuck in your head… and you’ll be just fine with it!

“Don’t Give Up On Love” is the track that got this phenomenal artist signed and it’s not hard to see why! This track picks up the pace a little bit and stands toe to toe with some of the best pop tracks I’ve ever heard. This track is going to serve as an empowering one for anyone who has been in love, has been let down and is ready to just call it quits. She sings of her struggles in her own life and, more or less, is saying that if she can do it, anyone can! This track is definitely one of, if not, the strongest tracks on the album and it quickly shows you exactly why Tiru signed her as soon as he heard it!

Originally recorded when she was 16 years old, the track that follows is “Understand.” She states that it’s been completely re-recorded and re-sung at this point and has become a fan favorite. It’s about going through life thinking that no one hears you, no one understands you and no one really cares, centric around the relationship theme once more. She stated recently that this track will have a music video to accompany it very soon. Definitely one of the go-to tracks, as it’s a little bit more on the chilled-out side on the musical side. As with it’s predecessors, it’s still extremely catchy but it’s a little bouncy and fun as well as being a track that has a message.

Finally, we have the last 2 tracks. A club favorite, “Came Here to Party” is your new club anthem. As the title suggests, this is a track about getting in the club vibe, finding that special someone and just letting loose like never before. This track has been played worldwide in clubs and is more of a techno/electronic core than anything else on the EP. As you might expect, the bonus track (a remix of this one) takes that and expands it tenfold, really getting you into it.

Not knowing anything of December Rose prior to listening to this EP, I’m incredibly glad that her publicist showed her to me because I was missing out on one of the best modern pop artists out there! If you want a great pop EP that has something for everyone, you’d be a fool NOT to pick up December Rose, out on all major digital retailers through Invitation Records now!

“Ball Game” (Official Music Video)

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