Review – Ded – Mis – An -Thrope

Artist : Ded

Album: Mis-An-Thrope
Rating: 10/10
Ded is already on a trailblazing path to the top. This band knows what they want an really push the envelope to get it. They are gonna be trendsetters and will most certainly rise to the top. From the first EP listen I had to be part of it. And not to mention the live performance I witnessed for myself just blew my mind. Joe had the clearest vocals I’ve ever heard in a live performance and he was really crowded engaging, which makes the crowd really open to really rocking out.

The album “Mis-An-Thrope” will be one for the books set to be released on 7/21/17 and will be the bands debut full length album . From the Hits “Anti -Everything” to the more recent single “Dead To Me” are on the rise really fast. the tracks offer aggression and some very impressive as well as expressive screams that really give that ‘pissed off’ feel rock still really needs.
I must mention the live performance I happen to wander into at complete random, which was a happenstance due to a random guy mentioning “..yeah there is a band performing tonight, I think their name is Ded.” And at that moment I shot to the bar they were at. I caught their show later and it was flawlessly given.  Every track was to the absolute fullest value they could and very crowd engaging.

Their current released single “Anti-Everything” is currently sitting at #18 on the Billboard Top 20 Rock Chart so it’s proving to be quite the killer hit, which will be followed by “Dead To Me” which live was my absolute favorite track they performed. 

“Rope” really notes they have some Slipknot/Korn influence which really comes out in this track. It really delivers on the high octane side of rock, displaying the energy that the band loves to display to the audience.
The first intro track ever to cross my eardrums and got me interested with their lyrics and hellbent vocals full of loudness and aggression throughout the whole album that isnt really present very much in music anymore, which is how leadman Joe Cotela feels about hardcore music in this day and age.
“There is and honesty and a “fuck you” about hardcore music that I don’t feel as often anymore”
This words don’t  ring loud enough. With plenty of older rock bands mellowing out, it’s time someone takes the aggression and intensity and run with it. It’s a mantle they hold really well and every track speaks clearly for itself.
Ded is:
Joe Cotela (Vocals)
David Ludlow (Guitar)
Kyle Koelsch (Bass)
Matt Reinhard (Drums)
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Official Lyric Video for ” Dead To Me”

Official Video for “Anti-Everything”

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