REVIEW: Your Last Descent – The Blind (Single)

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Band Name: Your Last Descent [Facebook] [Youtube]

Song: The Blind [Lyric Video]

Your Last Descent, a metalcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. We started in August 2011. After a few member changes, we finally found not only our sound, but our line-up. We’ve played numerous amount of shows in the short time of being in this band. They’ve been together for a little over a year now. It has been a blessing to share the stage with bands such as Honour Crest, Close To Home, From Atlantis, The Overseer, Life On Repeat, and many more, said the band. They recorded their debut EP “Guidance” in August of 2012 and released it in September 2012. Since then, they’ve been back at playing shows and now looking to release their second EP titled “Lost Prophets”.

When my buddy who designed their new lyric video showed me this band, I instantly fell in love. I love everything about this song, the screams, the instrumentals, the clean vocals, and the lyrics. If you pay attention closely, the lyrics have a deep meaning. I was depressed at the time I listened to this song, let’s just say it helped me! I’m pretty sure it helped many others. The clean vocals in this song are very catchy, making you want to jam to this song more and more! The song starts with some catchy instrumental play that leaves you waiting for more. This song is full of escalations, twists, and joy to my ears! The transitions from screams to the clean vocals are simply amazing in every way.

In conclusion; This song is a must hear for those going through a hard time or fans of post-hardcore/metalcore music! I’m super stoked to hear how the rest of this EP turns out and you can bet yourself I’ll be wanting to review it!


Avery Evans: Vocals
Aman Mafi: Vocals
Devon “Spiderman” Williams: Guitar/Vocals
Patric Centorbi: Guitar
Joshua Snively: Bass
J.t. Foster: Drums


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