Review: Devil You Know – Seven Years Alone (Single)


Artist: Devil You Know
Album: Seven Years Alone – Single
Rating: 5/5

It was announced last year that a secret collaboration project was being worked on. As the months went by, details began to surface, stating that the collaboration was between Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage), Francesco Artusato (All Shall Perish/The Francesco Artusato Project) and John Sankey (DEVOLVED). These 3 gentlemen finally confirmed all of these details, later announcing the name of the project “Devil You Know” and that they had been working on their debut album for quite some time. The album, The Beauty of Destruction, is now set for release in the US on April 29th and EU/UK on April 25th. Shortly before the bands’ first live performance (penned as All Devolved Shall Engage)they announced that they would be filming the music video for their debut single, “Seven Years Alone”, the weekend prior to the show. Just under a month later, we have finally seen the true potential of this project in the release of that single.

“Seven Years Alone” is more than just a track, it’s a story. Howard has stated that he’s poured everything he’s gone through/faced in the past few years out into this album and this begins to shed some light on that. The track comes out of the gate in an explosive manner with Artusato’s trademark guitar skill and Sankey’s undeniable talent on the drums. I think what people will be most surprised about this track is the fact that Jones managed to keep it heavy, despite his deteriorating health and the damage that had been done to his vocal cords. His vocal ability is far from lacking as he nails his high and low screams, followed by shocking us all with some of his best clean passages I’ve heard since The End of Heartache.

The track is about escaping the confines of a personal hell. He’s been imprisoned for his past, bound by the hate spit at him, but he won’t allow it to get to him. He has vowed to break free, regardless of what it takes and do what he can to get back onto the right path, in this instance, the glory of God. “Tried and confined, judged by your eyes… but I am an innocent man!” This is a statement about the sinful hearts of man, in general…rather than just one man’s past. I believe it directly ties in with things that Howard has experienced, but I believe it’s meant to be taken as there is hope as long as you keep your faith. Sometimes, it may feel like faith has betrayed you, but that’s part of life. Don’t let it discourage you from doing what’s right.

“Seven Years Alone” is an excellent debut single, it truly shows the potential of DYK collectively, as well as, individually. Each part shines through with a blinding light, proving that when great talent comes together, masterpieces, works of art, journeys and, best of all, a bond is formed…never to be broken. You can feel the bond these musicians have with one another and I truly can’t wait for the rest of The Beauty of Destruction. Check out “Seven Years Alone” below and go and pre-order your copy of the album, out on Nuclear Blast Records next month!

“Seven Years Alone” Official Audio

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