Review: Dimitri’s Rail – Back To You



Artist: Dimitri’s Rail
Album: Back to You
Rating: 10/10



Paul Ehmer – Lead Vocals
Mike Maloney – Drums
Justin Pena – Guitar
Eric Dockery – Bass

Every once in awhile, there are bands who come along and stop you in your tracks; Dimitri’s Rail out of Houston, TX is one of those bands.  I have had the pleasure of seeing this band live once and I can tell you first-hand, they put on an amazing performance. The fire and energy of the band is absolutely phenomenal. I have been listening to this band for a couple years now and the progression they’ve shown since then is pretty mind-blowing. The band has been nominated for a Grammy Award for their track “Will Never Break”, nominated for “Band of the Year” for 94.5’s Texas Buzz Band of the Year in 2010-2011. They have shared the stage with such national acts as the Sick Puppies, Days of the New, Tantric, Saliva, Rev Theory, Filter, Fastball and many more! Not to mention they are played on radio stations across the US! This is a band who really knows what they’re doing and their debut album “Back to You” which will be released on June 25th is absolute proof of that. With anything from harder, more driving songs like “Just Breathe” to slower, powerful ballads like “Through the Window” and everything in between, this album will definitely push the band to the tops of the charts and into the hearts of fans of every age.

Just Breathe: This is the track that opens up the album and I think it fits perfectly that way. One thing you will notice about this album is that every track is perfectly placed and balanced among the others. We start with one of my favorite riffs on the album, mastered by Justin Pena’s guitar skills. Following that, the rest of the band comes in and we get a little sample of what this band has to offer. Paul really throws his voice on this one and it creates a bit more fire than if he were to just normally be singing. This is one of the heavier tracks on the album and I really see this one getting some crowd’s moving.

Rock A Billy: I’m not a huge fan of the “Rockabilly” genre, which includes bands such as Reverend Horton Heat, but this track really threw me for a loop. For those of you who don’t know, Rockabilly is a mixture of country, rock and blues, which makes for some pretty interesting music. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great music if you’re in the right mood but it’s an acquired taste that I’ve yet to acquire. DR’s take on this genre though is just breathtaking. We start with some twangy guitar and some rhythm from the Mike and Eric providing the bass line and drum beats. As the song progresses, we get slightly heavier, then break into a mind-blowing guitar solo from Justin. This is a track I that I imagine will get people moving on the dance floor quite a bit. It’s a really solid track and great tribute to the genre.

Through the Window: This track is slow and powerful, proving at this point, that DR can pretty much accomplish all feats within the rock genres. The lyrics to this one seem to be about moving on from a long-term relationship. We’ve all been there, some take it better than others, but overall the result is the same. In the end, we end up happier because of it. This track will definitely see a lot of people singing and a lot of tears being shed, but the message from it is a very positive one. I also see this one possibly being a fan favorite.

Will Never Break: This track has seen a lot of radio play, award nominations and turned many heads nationwide. It’s a track about pushing through the bad to reach the good and, in turn, making your journey to who you are meant to be. Life is full of curves, twists and bad decisions but in the end, they do nothing more than strengthen you, help you learn and mold you into the person that you were meant to be in life. There is a purpose in life and there is meaning to everything we do. This track is about not breaking under all of the pressure that these things can put on you.


Final Thoughts:

While I didn’t touch on every track on the album, I can assure you that every track on “Back to You” is a masterpiece within itself and proves further that Dimitri’s Rail is rising through the ranks to compete with the greats in their genre. Pre-orders for “Back to You” begin May 1st with an immediate download of “Back to You” and the album will be released on June 25th through Ingrooves Fontana IE/PEM! Below is some links you can use to check out the band as well as get a taste of what is to come! Go to iTunes May 1st and pre-order the album!


Dimitri’s Rail on Facebook
Official Website
“Back to You” Official Music Video