Review | DISCHORDIA | Binge/Purge

Do you like experimental progressive death metal? Do you, if you’re in Oklahoma, like local music? Well, behold Dischordia. They are a progressive death metal band consisting of 3 members. Josh Turner on Bass/Vocals, Keeno on Guitar/Vocals, and Josh Fallin on Drums. Specifically, this band is based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dischordia has 5 ep/albums, however, today we are reviewing the 5th one: Binge/Purge which was released on the 15th of June. The intriguing thing about this album is that it consists of only two tracks, named Binge and Purge. Both tracks are fairly lengthy. So, let’s jump into this.

Since there are only two tracks, this should be a short, but sweet, review. To start, as mentioned, Binge, as well as Purge, are fairly experimental with their sound. Mixing that with the elements of Death Metal, that’s progressive nonetheless, makes for an interesting rather compelling sound. The vocal patterns, as well as the vocals themselves, play very smoothly with the arrangement of instruments and voices from the choir at a point. The choir, to note, that you hear in Purge is Oklahoma’s very own Rose State College’s Chorus. That, combined with everything invested in this album, makes for a very great listen! Don’t sleep on Dischordia, as they are for sure pacing their way further and further into popularity! Overall, everything sounds delightful and astonishingly heavy. Dischordia earned a great score on this review without a doubt. Check them out on their Bandcamp, which will be linked below, as well any other other sources of social media you can check them out on. Thanks for reading, and I hope guys enjoy the rest of your day or night!

Score: 8/10


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