Review – Dishwalla – Juniper Road

Artist: Dishwalla
Album: Juniper Road
Rating 10/10

“Juniper Road” is an album I have been looking forward to for a few months and right from the first chord in “Sirens” I was tuned in close. Justin Fox’s vocals are hypnotic and mystifying. The rest of the band really fortified the lead in this track. I cant express my excitement to hear this album in full and this track is the first one to begin this journey. “Sirens” really shows how hard the band has worked to define and refresh their band’s sound. It really delivers. Juniper Road is the first new album from Dishwalla since the band reformed in 2008 with new vocalist Justin Fox.

The band from Santa Barbara, California has had a 2 decade career and 5 albums which include the hits “Counting Blue Cars”, “Somewhere In The Middle” and “Collide” which was featured on the hit television series “Smallville” and the band also performed on the series “Charmed” and being the first to be on the show it led the way for other artists as well.

“Give Me A Sign” was a track I was privileged to hear post master and production and the song still feels empowering and fresh. Joshua Tree really got them in touch with their spiritual and musical inner being you can clearly hear how much the band has matured vocally and musically.

One song that isn’t on this album that was released was a ‘re-recording’ of their song, “Counting Blue Cars” which also has some revived vocals and redefined instrumentals. These revisions give this 90’s classic and new life in 2017. The band is wiser and definitely more refined since the height of their reign with the album “Opaline”.

“Dont Fade Away” is another empowering track to the bring it on this album. Studded with an amazing guitar solo which is on point. I found myself really getting into this song because of the intensity to such a lovely song.

The band continues to amaze with “Not Alone” which is highlighted by an excellent guitar in the backdrop. This song could easily be one of the best songs on the album. While this is quite bold to say that doesn’t negate the rest of the tracks which include the flange guitar of “Darkness Conceals” and empowering “Set Me Free,” provide just as much intrigue with the rest of the album.

This album really delivered a newly refreshed look and sound to Dishwalla and I’m happy to say I enjoyed this album completely. If you are a fan and wanna hear the band’s renewal you must get this album that’s available now!

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 Official Video for “Counting Blue Cars” (20th Anniversary Edition)
Dishwalla is
Justin Fox on Lead Vocals
Rodney Browning Cravens on Guitar
Scot Alexander on Bass
George Pendergast on Drums
Jim Wood on Keyboards