[REVIEW]: DOC HAMMER – “Neon Devil” (Album)(2019)

Artist: Doc Hammer

Album: Neon Devil

Release: September 1st, 2019

Genre: Punk / Post – Hardcore

The San Diego Punk rockers in Doc Hammer are Slated to release their new album “Neon Devil” September 1st, 2019, and we got the insight! Doc Hammer go full throttle in their upcoming album. “Neon Devil” was written for with pure love for the music – that’s easy to tell 2 tracks in. I really would truly like to be a fly on the wall for their studio sessions. Thrilling Punk mixed heavily with Hardcore influence is the conjuration that brings us “Neon Devil“.  the 12 track album consists of fast, upbeat verses, melodic yet heavy hitting choruses, and fun party lyrics. It’s easy to note that Doc Hammer inspires from earlier bands in their game, trying to discover their own slice of the cake. My thoughts during the front-to-back listen resulted in pleasure. At the beginning of “Neon Devil” I tried to predict how the rest of the album will turn out, to my surprise the album itself kept a fresh pace with aspects you usually wouldn’t expect. “Neon Devil” is driven with a unique set of vocals driven with passion, thrilling instrumentals and percussion. We did very much enjoy jamming this, especially when I had friends over – but there are some aspects that could always use work, while the record was super fun it did lack some sense of consistency. I’ve loved punk music all my life so I can safely say these guys are a great addition to the genre and I’m excited to hear future material from them.

Neon Devil” releases September 1st!

NT Rating: 7/10

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