Review: Dog Fashion Disco – Sweet Nothings


Artist: Dog Fashion Disco
Album: Sweet Nothings
Rating: 9.5/10

Self-proclaimed “Circus Metal” group, Dog Fashion Disco has a knack for creating the oddest, yet catchiest tunes they can muster. Their ringleader, Todd Smith, is a master of his craft. Currently, including DFD, he is involved in 4 musical ventures: Polka Dot Cadaver, Knives Out, Dog Fashion Disco and his solo project, El-Creepo. This group combines many different musical styles from metal to jazz and everything in between to create what can only be described as the more “bizarre” side of the musical spectrum. Sweet Nothings, the latest chapter in their twisted musical saga, takes the best of the best and throws it all into one hour-long roller-coaster ride. You’ll get anything from jazz odysseys and gritty rock to blues/piano solos and seemingly out-of-place organs. This is all part of the theatrical elements that these guys tend to throw out to the listener.  Why is this appealing? Why should you find yourself embracing the Disco? Well, let’s dive in, shall we?

In essence, I believe the obscure music that this band puts out is the reason why they are so popular. After all, how many bands do you know that can go from rock to metal, jazz to blues and ska to orchestral… all in one song? Not only that but they can create a song that sounds like it would fit perfectly into the 70s disco era all the way up to current trends. If you listen closely, the lyrics are almost always comical, but with a prevailing theme.. showing that these guys don’t take themselves too seriously and they don’t want you to either. They’re here to make sure you have a good time listening to their music, they’ve made that their calling card and they intend to make sure they live up to it! I haven’t had the chance to see any of Smith’s bands in action live, sadly, but I’ve got a good friend by the name of Mark Gossard who has and he has assured me… you won’t find a more fun/interactive show experience. Recently just returning from a tour that included Victory Records band, The Bunny The Bear and comedy rockers, Psychostick I can only imagine what their live performance is like.

There are highlights in every track that make them memorable but most notable are “Doctor’s Orders” and the 2 closing tracks “End of the Road”, clocking in at 7:29 and the final track “Thank You” which clocks in at a staggering 9:10. The average run-time for a track is around the 4 minute mark and, oftentimes, we find ourselves either enjoying the track halfway through or turning it off at that point. Am I right? Both of these tracks make sure to keep your interest, switching up genres when you least expect it and really throwing that interesting DFD flavor all over the place. I can honestly say that, prior to hearing this album, I hadn’t heard of DFD. I HAD, however, heard of Smith’s other projects and had actually listened to them in the past. DFD is the culmination of what makes all of these other projects so great and, if he’s most proud of DFD particularly, he can probably now say that Sweet Nothings is the band’s crowning achievement.

If you’re looking for something new, different and overall enjoyable, look no further! Let DFD whisper their Sweet Nothings in your ear. Sit back, relax and prepare for the most interesting aural experience you will have witnessed to this day. Pick up your copy of Sweet Nothings, out on Rotten Records now!

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