REVIEW: We’re Doomed – “How to Destroy Something Beautiful” (2012)



Artist:  We’re Doomed [Facebook]

Album:  “How to Destroy Something Beautiful”


  1. Lifeless
  2. White and Blue
  3. How to Destroy Something Beautiful
  4. On Living Forever
  5. Into Madness
  6. A Price to Pay

It’s always the greatest that go unnoticed, and We’re Doomed is definitely the diamond in the rough.  I myself have slipped away, for a while, from the rock genre; it just hasn’t particularly been “my thing,” but the progressive rock phenomenon known as “How to Destroy Something Beautiful” sucks me right back in.  We’re Doomed is a band that people don’t particularly know all too well, but hopefully after this will fall in love with just as I have.  This band is going one-on-one with all of the other progressive bands across the world, across all genres, and they’re definitely coming out on top.  These Halifax boys are a rising star, blasting into the scene!  After you read this, definitely check this album out, ya’ hear?  Alright, well, without further ado, here’s my review of We’re Doomed’s “How to Destroy Something Beautiful”:

With sweet hooks and great rhythm, We’re Doomed are a force to be reckoned with.  “How to Destroy Something Beautiful” explores many different areas of the rock genre, not so simply keeping themselves pinned down to simply one sound.  At one point, you could be listening to the most melodious rock song you’ve heard, then be thrown for a loop and run into a heavy barrage of metal, then be astounded by the technical ability of these boys.  Not knowing who they were, surprisingly, I didn’t know expect or how to begin delving into “How to Destroy Something Beautiful,” but these boys have created something so divine, so tasteful, they could compete with the likes of At the Drive-In, a well respected progressive post-hardcore band.  No doubt about it, We’re Doomed is a talented assortment of men that, if not halted, will make their way to glory.  I swear, not a single thing is wrong with this band; excellent and tasteful bass lines, masterful guitar work and outstanding vocals.  “How to Destroy Something Beautiful” is a masterpiece, and should be seen as such.

Stand-Out Track:

“How to Destroy Something Beautiful”:  I’m sure it’s some sort of cheesy cliché to say the track that stands out the most is the title track, but whatever – it deserves it.  This is, quite possibly, the most progressive and well written song I’ve heard from any sort of band deeming themselves as “progressive.”  The guitar work in this song is so masterful, so mind-meltingly brilliant that I could barely handle it, and the flow of this song is simply genius.  Not many bands can throw together such guitar work with a song and make it actually sound “good,” make it sound as if it truly does go together, but We’re Doomed have accomplished that with this song.  And, at other points, when the music dims and all is quiet, this song becomes something beautiful; the ambiance of this song is just so breathtaking, so…  So amazing.


I sincerely hope that We’re Doomed doesn’t become one of those bands that just gives up, or just breaks-up because they  aren’t “famous” or something silly like that.  These boys have something great on their hands; their musical genius completely blows me away and sends chills through my body.  I’ll make this short and sweet – this album is beyond great, and makes many other wannabe “rockers” out their look like complete morons with all of their little leather jackets and bags of gimmicks they use to get little girls to like them.  We’re Doomed places what they have in front of you – their music, their talent, their integrity – and lets you make your own decision.  Keep strong, guys; keep doing what you’re doing and great things are in your future!  “How to Destroy Something Beautiful” released on October second of twenty-twelve, and is available through the bands bandcamp, easily reachable through their Facebook.  Grab this album, and enjoy the ride.

Rating:  5/5