Review: Dorydrive – Here’s To You


Artist: Dorydrive
Album: Here’s To You
Rating: 10/10

Anyone who knows me will know that it’s hard for me to like cross-over groups. However, Peoria’s Dorydrive is a band that has honed their craft to a fine point. Mixing elements of Rock, Country and Pop and keeping originality can be a difficult feat, especially in a world over-run by bands who are just doing it for the money. Their latest album, Here’s To You, is a breath of fresh air in the stoma of a dying music scene. What’s more, I believe these 5 could easily do pretty much any genre of music justice… and that’s what’s most impressive about them.

Here’s To You is absolute proof that diversity, especially musical diversity, can be a great thing. You have tracks like the opener, “Radiate” that are more on the alternative rock side, followed by tracks like “Paramour” and the title track “Here’s To You” that could easily fit right into the top 40 radio category. Through it all, you get a southern vibe that really connects fans to the music. Then, you get tracks like “Perfect Chemical” that are heavily electronically influenced, amped up and club-ready. The most impressive thing about this band is that they can hop from one genre to another without any problems! Each song sounds like they’ve been doing this for years upon years, which is pretty incredible considering they were formed in 2011! Of course, there is a softer side of the band such as in “When the Lights Burn Out” which is a beautiful piano-driven track that showcases just how talented vocalist Mathieu Nevitt is.

If ever there was a diverse album for me to recommend to anyone, it would be Here’s To You. From start to finish, you will find yourself loving, connecting with and feeling the emotion from each and every track. So what are you waiting for? Go pick up your copy of Here’s To You out now on First Launch Recordings/Rockridge Warner and forever change the way you see music!

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“Paramour” (Official Music Video)