REVIEW: Drag The Lake – I Am Violence [2012]

Band: Drag The Lake

Album: I am Violence

Rating: 9.5/10



1. Widowmaker
2. Deathrow
3. I Am Violence
4. Claymore
5. To The Crows

After a long wait its finally here, the higly anticipated EP ”I Am Violence” from the four gentlemen of Drag The Lake (previously known as Destain).
Its clear to me that these gentlemen want nothing more than to make spinecrushing metal and relay that earth shattering heavy vibe over to the listener.
This effort turned out amazingly as ”I Am Violence” is just what the doctor ordered, nothing like some hate-inspiring hard/deathcore to get through a depressive sunday.
Instrumental wise this album is a straight forward steamroller of brutality, combining the best parts of both the hardcore and deathcore genres.
Add some monstrous grunts that seem to be coming straight from the pits of hell, some pissed off lyrics to go along with that and you got yourself a recipe for awesomeness.
I love every song on this EP but my favorite would have to be ”To the Crows”, it has a distinct riff throughout the song thats very catchy, it also features guest vocals from Michael Burton (Mercenaries) as an added bonus.

2012 has it fair share of new artists and their respective EP’s but can ”I Am Violence” measure among the best of them? As most fans probably will know by now, fuck yes it can!
I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this band as im sure that from this point things will only go up for Drag The Lake, be sure to support this band any way you can because we need more of this music as fast as possible.
Also this EP gets the best cover of the year award for sure, Dan Mumford really outdid himself on this one, so sick!
As long as hate fueled music like this gets made I will be there to listen to it and im sure many share my opinion on that, so make this little gem part of your collection and buy it.
Now if you excuse me, I have some faces to destroy and things to demolish.

For fans of: Vires, Boris The Blade, Float Face Down, One More Victim, Dweller