REVIEW: Dreamer – A War At Home (Single) [2013]


Artist: Dreamer

Single: “A War At Home”


Often times, I try to avoid terms like “breakout” or “hit-single,” because it conveys a sense of prodigal mastery which, given the abundance of talented musicians taking over the scene these days, seems…unlikely to say the least. However, in the case of the up-and-coming Winnipeg metalcore act, Dreamer, if the shoe fits, you might as well wear it. Their latest and first single, “A War At Home” off of their upcoming EP by the same name is a simply masterful display of hard-hitting, no-punches-pulled hardcore with sections of stunning and soothing melody, laced with grimy, head-banging grooves. “A War At Home” kicks off with a jarringly heavy and fast-paced breakdown, which kicks in the listener’s throat, leaving them breathless and in awe by the time the catchy and motivational chorus rears its head. However, this chorus lasts only just long enough to let the listener catch their breath before diving head-first back into a spine-crushingly heavy sequence of skull-smashing breakdowns which absolutely pulverize the listener. By combining low-down-and-dirty, dissonant fretwork with pummeling, pounding percussion and visceral vocals, alongside uplifting and catchy electronic elements, Dreamer are more than willing to show that they have everything it takes to make an impact in an already over-crowded genre.

The stunning threnody of impeccable musicianship on “A War At Home” is bolstered even more so by the fact that this is only the band’s second song released to date. In early 2012, Dreamer released a song called “Mr. Serious,” which, while rich in promise, was comparatively poor in delivery. Where “Mr. Serious” was well-written and punctually played, “A War At Home” is actually felt, and these feelings resonate deep within the listener, allowing them to relate to the sound and feel every headbang and want to learn every word to every line. Furthermore, the band’s musical progression simply cannot be ignored. Catchy-yet-simple riffs and overzealous electronics have been replaced by stunning, groove-driven dynamics and technically thought-provoking fretwork with atmospheric use of samples and synth-work which don’t outright demand the listener’s attention, but rather facilitate further enjoyment of the band’s dynamic as a whole. The punchline here is simple: Dreamer’s “A War At Home” is everything needed to get the listener hyped about their upcoming release: catchy choruses, hard-hitting breakdowns, grimy grooves, soaring vocals and visceral heaviness all in one, tightly wrapped and even more tightly played package.


Rating: 5/5

For Fans Of: Erra, Volumes, Memphis May Fire, Structures, Northlane

By: Connor Welsh