REVIEW: Dysphoria- To The Perfect Form Of Modern Species [2012]

Artist: Dysphoria

Album: To The Perfect Form of Modern Species

Rating: 12/10



1. To the Perfect Form of Modern Species
2. Aftereffect
3. War Precursor
4. Tentacles of the Control
5. The Fatal Instinct of Goran Zlatkovich
6. Ideological Prison
7. Stillbirth
8. Judge for Condemned
9. Genetic Origin of Sin
10. Such a Beautiful Failure

Each year there is that one release you just NEED to have, that one album that nails all the right notes, that exceeds all your expectations.
A good contenter for that Album of the Year title this year around is the very much anticipated new album of Ukrainian death-mathcore band Dysphoria.
(Personally, the last few weeks leading up to this release seemed like an eternity.)

As fans of their older work will know; this band is most known for it’s unparalleled chaotic and sub-destroying sound.
This new release is everything the old album Satyriasis XXI was and improved on all the right things,
it’s more complex and diverse but with the same amount of (if not more) brain splitting brutality and ‘controlled’ chaos,
with some atmospheric guitars thrown in the mix.
The vocals are ofcourse angry as shit (the way I like it), low guttural grunts, skull piercing screams and everything in between keep the songs from becoming to repetitive and are the crown in a sea filled with ruthless down-tempo and face-fucking fast drum and guitar work.
The lyrical content isn’t about rainbows and pony’s either (which is a shame!), misanthropic and demonic texts go hand in hand, as the vocalist tries his best to let you know that human kind is a fucking failure (which is the next best thing besides rainbow pony’s!).
I can go on and on about their perfectly executed and complicated deathcore and mathcore fusion style of music which sounds like sex in hearing form,
but I will spare you the in-depth technical bullshit.
All you need to know is that upon listening to this album, right on the first song to the very last,
that you will cum out of your ears, nose, mouth, eyes and some other holes that you didn’t know you had until now,
and afterwards you will most likely need to get a new sound system since your current one wasn’t strong enough to handle the bass drops.

The only thing some older fans MIGHT not like is the fact that the pig squeals are no longer present,
personally I think it’s better this way because too much bree ruins an otherwise perfectly good song (much like that gay ass clean singing does), but to each his own.

As far as my favorite tracks go i’m having too much trouble choosing them at the moment since they all sound equally good in my ears.
Like I said before, from the moment you hear the title track kick off you’re being grabbed by the balls and the tight grip on your nuts will get significantly tighter as the album progresses.
Only when the last track has been played will you regain your ability to breathe,
but most likely you will take this gigantic rapefest for one more go and get sucked in again.

Final Verdict:

This album is the musical equivalent of an atomic bomb shockwave laying waste to everything that comes in its path.
At this point theres no saying what other great albums the year 2012 may yet have to offer, all I know for sure is that this is one of my favorites,
and if the world really does come to an end, this is the perfect soundtrack for its demise.
Thats pretty much all I have to say, as you might have noticed i’m very stoked about this album, and for good reason because in my opinion it lives up to the hype.
I am very happy there are musicians like this that give all their dedication to keep the metal genre interesting and push the boundaries of extreme music,
which is not an easy thing to do within the deathcore genre.
Im urging everyone to BUY this fucking album! If anyone deserves the money, it’s this band 🙂
Now stop reading, buy yourself a copy and prepare to have your ears blown! (and be sure to have a clean pair of pants ready)

For fans of: Whitechapel, King Conquer, Calmed by the Tides of Rain, My Autumn, Ion Dissonance