Review: Emphatic – Another Life


Artist: Emphatic
Album: Another Life
Rating: 10/10


Omaha’s Emphatic are rising stars in the hard rock scene! Just a little over a year ago, they released their debut album, “Damage” which shot it’s way up the Billboard Heatseeker’s chart. Not to mention their single “Bounce” which was high atop the active rock charts for an impressive amount of time! Now they’ve parted ways with Patrick Wilson (former vocalist), Lance Dowdle (former rhythm guitarist), and Alan Larson (former bassist), which left them in a bad way. Leaving just guitarist Justin McCain at the helm, he found and ¬†enlisted the help of former Fuel singer, Toryn Green, Jesse Saint (Scum of the Earth/The Autumn Offering) on bass, and Bill Hudson (Cellador) as co-lead guitar player. Now with their new line-up, they’re looking to continue to take the scene by storm. It didn’t stop there, McCain also got the band a new record deal with Epochal/Capitol Records and took over as producer for their new album. This being his first major production, it’s a pretty impressive accomplishment considering he follows in the footsteps of the legendary Howard Benson! Starting with the release of the lead single, “Remember Me” from said album “Another Life” which has been highly requested on radio stations nationwide. If you’re used to the heavy, southern style that Patrick Wilson brought to the band, you will be a bit disappointed as Green’s vocal style is incredibly different. Does this make the band suddenly bad? No! Quite the opposite, his voice really captures the essence of what this band represents. Let’s jump into what makes this album so good, though.

If you’re looking for songs like “Bounce”, “Put Down the Drink” or “Get Paid”, you are looking in the wrong spot. This band has turned over a new leaf, has matured in sound and is, honestly, sounding much better for it! Don’t get me wrong, I, like many Emphatic fans, really loved what Wilson brought to the table. Toryn Green’s voice fits this band so much better, though. The lyrics are incredibly uplifting, powerful and moving. Whether it’s a riff-laden, headbanging track like you’ve come to expect or on the softer side, this band has definitely kicked it up to 11 in terms of musicianship. Tracks like “Remember Me”, “Lights” and “Some Things Never Die” really showcase the emotional power these guys can convey, I honestly shed a few tears listening to these tracks. On the other hand, tracks like “Another Life”, “I Don’t Need You”, “Forbidden You” and “Take Your Place” showcase the heavy side of the band we all know and love. ¬†Unforgettable lyrics, irreplaceable instrumental skills and outstanding vocal ability make this an album really worth the listen.

Bottom line is this: Emphatic has never released a bad song, but I had my skepticism when I learned they were looking for a new vocalist. They definitely chose the right person for the job, because he fits like a glove into the sound this band has created. If you’ve heard or been a fan of Emphatic, you will want to give “Another Life” a shot! If not, and you’re a fan of modern rock in general, you will want to pick it up as well! Whatever the case may be, despite the hardships faced on the road to it’s release, “Another Life” is like a phoenix rising from the ashes! Brand new look, brand new sound and ready to take on the world! Get on board and pick up your copy of “Another Life” for a breath of fresh air in a scene that is filled with money hungry bands who have lost the passion for their art.

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