REVIEW: My Epic – Viscera EP [2016]


Artist: My Epic
Album: Viscera EP
Release Date: May 6th, 2016
Genre: Progressive Rock/Post Rock/Metal

It seems that 2016 has been a truly incredible time for the heavy music scene in light of many bands, some of whom have been around for quite a while, finding what I like call their musical “niche”. This niche is the wonderful spot on the crossroads of progress where years of talent and invaluable experience intersect with risky, and sometimes unsuccessful, experimentation, which yields a rich boldness and completeness of sound; a glorious fusion of the old and the new that signals a culmination of the artists’ craft and labors. That being said, I wholeheartedly believe that “Viscera” is My Epic’s musical niche.

With its plentiful serene, yet haunting atmospheres that envelop the heavier, metallic moments of the record, “Viscera” relentlessly reminds the listener that My Epic is a significant contender for their attention. My Epic smartly kicks “Viscera” off with the opening track, and debut single, “Ghost Story” arguably the hardest metalcore-laced onslaught in the whole E.P., effectively silencing any “it’s not heavy enough” excuses right off the bat. From there, for the patient listener, My Epic invites their audience to delve into the softer, yet entrancingly complex elements of their music. The ambiance that My Epic creates with the foreboding, ethereal, and downright beautiful guitar-work is something that continually draws the listener further in to the depths of “Viscera”. To an ear more inclined to blast beats and growling vocals, this may be the point in the album that will be the cue to clock out. To dismiss this effort here, however, the listener would be unquestionably missing out.

The countless crisp melodies churned out from the guitars and the keyboards pair well with the airy and somewhat plaintive vocals that carry them throughout the near 30-minute sojourn. Emotion is weaved into almost every chord, but not necessarily of the distraught or melancholy variety. Instead, there is more of a permeating sense of hope and awe, thankfully, with no cheesiness to be found. “Viscera” offers a multi-faceted approach for the listener to absorb and enjoy the music; I found myself during some play-through’s zoning out and nestling myself comfortably into the soundscapes and on others I concentrated on the musicality, and the technical ability of these talented musicians.

Lyrically, “Viscera” is as diverse at its overall sound, hitting upon several subjects, including self-doubt, fear, hope, and how these concepts operate within the surrounding context of the band’s faith. Each track highlights lyrics that can be classed as poetry in terms of depth, only contributing to the pull “Viscera” has upon the listener. There are some, though, who may find the lyrics a tad on the preachy side, but I feel that My Epic still makes them accessible enough.

“Viscera” successfully incorporates elements of the bands heavier and softer moments throughout its past and blends them in such a way that truly evokes the sense of awe that My Epic strives to convey. For those who thought “Yet” was too heavy, or “Behold” wasn’t heavy enough, this new E.P. offers a formidable compromise that epitomizes the band’s sound. Admittedly, “Viscera” is not for every musical palate out there; many metal fans would seek a greater emphasis on its heavier aspects. This album caters to a more varied taste, but doesn’t seek to alienate those whose preferences are narrower in scope. Ultimately, those who remain, sink in, so-to-speak, and allow themselves to be swept up by the tangible emotions, sweeping melodies, and poetic lyricism will be rewarded by one of 2016’s most satisfying and frankly beautiful releases.

by Chad Brown

Take a look at the music video for “Ghost Story” below!

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